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You know what I need? Yep, another blog. That’s exactly what I need. It’s not like The Man Who Ate the Town or The Man Who Walked the Town or The Beer Dads or Sipping NC: The Art of the Drink or this fantastical time killer that you’re reading right now, needed any help taking up my time. Add that, along with The Less Desirables, TMWATT (podcast), The Beer Dads, Fan Interference, SippingNC (and the others that I just produce) podcasts to the mix and yeah, I’m rolling in free time. *sniff* Yep, smells of sarcasm.TLDNetwork

Well, to tell the truth, the last things that I mentioned, the podcasts, or more specifically, The Less Desirables Podcast Network, is the reason for the latest of these spouting match vehicles. It’s actually called The Less Desirables Podcast Network, too. Yeah, there’s been a Twitter account and a Facebook account for TLD Network for a few years, now (and I’d appreciate if you still subscribed, followed and watch those).

The thing is, if you’ve ever listened to TLD or TBD (and you should have, Dear Reader, I don’t do those for my health, jk), you hear me have to be long-winded about how to find each show. I mention them and it would be easier to say, well, just put ‘.com’ behind each one and you’ll find the one you’re looking for. It would be easier to say but not easier to pull off, because, for one, Sipping NC isn’t a dot com, it’s dot ws (though I have registered the dot com, as well), two The Beer Dads is TheBeerDadsPodcastDotCom, and three, Fan Interference doesn’t even have a website, only Facebook and Twitter accounts, the latter which is very active. But, to go through all that, well, it takes what should be 30-45 seconds and turns it into 90-120 seconds of info.

So, whilst fiddling with a pseudo commercial for TLD to play on Fan Interference yesterday, I wondered to myself, Self… why don’t you just have a directory to catch all this on one page and be done with the long-windedness? And, truthfully, I’d been thinking about that for a while, so I decided to go ahead and do that. The first order was to register the name.

Well, there were a few considerations, details and complications in that. For starters, I didn’t want TheLessDesirablesPodcastNetwork or TheLessDesirablesNetwork dot com. I know attention spans are short these days, no offense, Dear Reader, it’s just true. I also know that even UselessThingsNeedLoveToo, while clever and, to me, funny, it’s a long URL to type in. So, I chose tldnetwork dot com. Well, apparently there’s some other company or person that already has that domain. Okay, well let’s try that dot net. Nope, also taken. After that, people aren’t going to worry about dot org and I’m not a non-profit (not that you have to be). I thought about it dot ws, but instead decided to change it. I could have called it TLDPodcastNetwork but if I’m going that far, then why not the even longer forms that I abandoned prior? Meh. I wanted something easy to type and easy to say, so I chose TLDPodNetwork dot com. Now, yes, I understand it’s only four letters shorter but it’s easier to say and rolls off the tongue easier, lessening the chance of sounding like I’m chewing on marbles. Listen, I have to make do, yeah?

Anywhat! I created a page that now I can direct people to using one common, easy-to-say web address/URL. It can be a directory/landing page for easy access to all the shows at once. It also includes embedded files of each podcasts under posts which correlates to the latest episodes, respectively. It gives a description of each show. It provides a “website” for Fan Interference. It includes Sipping NC: The Art of the Drink even though there’s no episodes released for that, yet. I have essentially killed an entire pile of proverbial stones with one bird (yeah, I know).

It will be easier, now. But, it wasn’t easy getting it going. I did a silly thing with my GoDaddy account and got a website builder, but it wouldn’t let me do what I needed. I couldn’t get that back. It was $12, but with it I got the $14 domain name for free, so I guess I saved $2, anyway? I couldn’t fool with it because I was getting ready to record Fan Interference. I had other work to do yesterday as well.

I realized that my hosting plans for TLD, TBD and Sipping all had multiple websites available and since I don’t have to have server space for this, I added it that way, including a new WordPress account.I did that at 3am this morning (zzz… or the lack thereof). One of the plugins that I use on almost all of my sites was having a glitch and that threw me off all day, today. It essentially kept me from designing my site to its potential and without the plugin I couldn’t tell how it was going to look, so I had to put it off and/or work around it all day. I finally got it set up around 4:45pm this after noon, which is why this post is late. I’m worn out and haven’t done much else other than a phone interview for Piedmont Local Magazine. My brain hurts and my eyes are sore, but I made it.

So, all that said, you can get to all of the podcasts from one place, now. You can do it by visiting HERE. We appreciate your listening. And, please, don’t hear this post as complaining, I absolutely love what I do, I am just verbose and needed to vent on it.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

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