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Last Sunday, I talked about hating fantasy football. That’s really because by all measures, I should have won, but I didn’t. It was a lot of things that the players playing against me did very much of nothing prior to playing me. It was just frustrating.

Today, I’m winning and, as of now, winning fairly big. But, the very nature of fantasy imagesfootball itself makes me pull for players that are teams that I hate and pull against some of my favorite teams. Case in point: I’m playing a team that has two of my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers (two of the stars) and I have the QB of the team I hate the most (well, one of them) on my team. So, I have to decide which I want more: to win the FFL game or the Steelers to do all they can to win. I could put Big Ben in and kind of offset this points, but I want to gain points, not offset, and Ben looked rough last week, coming off the injury. So, I’m altering my statement, which I think matches me from last year: I hate fantasy football, I love fantasy football.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Fantasy Football – It’s like Dungeons & Dragons for the guys who used to beat up the kids who used to play Dungeons & Dragons.” – unknown