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Over the last few years, I’d say the last 6 or 7, I’ve grown less tolerant of caffeine. Not that I’m annoyed with it, but that my body may be. Unless I’ve been walking already, or finding another way of dispelling energy, it totally rocks me from the inside out. It makes me quake uncontrollably and it makes me nervous. Now, other than being slightly flushed, nocaffeinegarciniacambogiayou’d not know that I was about to explode internally as I don’t display the shaking, other than sometimes in my hands.

On Friday, I had the worst reaction that I’ve ever had from caffeine. I was at one of my favorite coffee places and ordered a decaf iced Americano (basically watered down coffee). There was a lot going on and I know the barista, so conversations happened and things got hectic. I had the drink as I sat around with my pals having a lot of conversations about nothing. I told one of my friends, about halfway through, that I didn’t think it was decaf. It wasn’t.

My whole day was shot. I felt, literally, like I was going to explode from the inside. I couldn’t concentrate; at times I couldn’t breathe. I tried to do some work and I just couldn’t. I went to eat with a few members of my family, to get some protein in me to try to counter the effects. I drank water. Nothing. The BCPF and I went to eat dinner that night and had a few alcoholic drinks. The whole time The BCPF said that I sounded like a cassette tape being fast forwarded when I talked. Chattering nonstop, I went on and on and on. The alcohol (a depressant) helped a little bit.

The coffee was at 9am. I finally got to where I felt settled down around 10:30-11pm that night. That was awful. We were supposed to go to the “curtain call event” for the Piedmont Opera’s Tosca that we skipped because it was starting to make me sick to my stomach. It wore me out as it was like I was active, yet I wasn’t other than pacing. I was tired and ready for sleep around 10pm and I don’t ever go to sleep that early. I didn’t go to sleep, I fought it until I felt like I had settled down. As I said, 10:30-11pm or so that night, it finally passed.

The point is, caffeine is no joke. There are those that really, really need it (or think they do) and there are people that really do not need it. I am in the latter school. I will make sure they absolutely know, from now on, that I cannot have any of it. Baristas, please make sure it’s the right stuff when you serve the customers. I don’t blame the barista for this, it was an honest mistake. Perhaps the wrong stuff was in the wrong place, I don’t know. Whatever the case, it cost me the day. I was just glad it was over. So, yeah, drink up, however you need to, or don’t need to. Oh! And, Happy Halloween, if you’re into that.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Caffeine. The gateway drug.” – Eddie Vedder