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Today, I shared a post about a private island, complete with its own post office (where you can design and issue your own postage stamp) and broadband, in Scotland. The island is called Tanera Mòr and is the main piece of the Summer Isles a bit off the coast of the Scottish mainland.

A friend of mine pointed out that “broadband” is a bit “relative” and could be just over 56k modems, who knows. But, the whole island is powered by wind  energy and has a freshwater treatment facility. It’s 1.6 miles long, 1.2 miles wide and boasts about 7 miles of shoreline and cliffs. There are 10 structures on the island including 9 cottages and a main building, all made of stone and recently restored. The price tag for all of that? $2.3 million. Or, it can be subdivided into three smaller parcels and sold separately.



I made sure that I tagged The BCPF and she thought it was beautiful. Of course, there’s no way we could afford it and I wouldn’t leave my family, especially 3B, and I wouldn’t leave my work, as I’ve worked to hard to start getting the momentum that I am. But, what if I would, could and did?

I have wanted, for a good long time, now, to have a bed & breakfast or resort of my own. I understand what goes into that and the work and cost would extraordinary, to be sure. Supplies, food and so on would be astronomical to get delivered from the mainland to the island, I’m sure. I’d have to have someone to help on the island and keep up the cottages. I’d have to hire someone to man the post office and more to operate the cafe that is on the island, as well. I would have a golf cart or something to get around the place, which would mean I’d need gasoline to operate said golf cart. I’d have to have a boat to get people, including us, and supplies to and from the mainland. That’s not counting what it would take to do linen service for any of the cottages and general service. Maintenance would have to be handled on-site or pay a (probably) small fortune to hire off-island companies to do so.

I’d have to have marketing working to get people to come to my little private island. People aren’t going to come unless they know it’s there. I can put it on some sites myself, but I’d need someone to plug what it is, that it’s there and that it’s available. It’s fun, it’s cozy and so on. And, I’d have to charge the first born of any guests to get back what it would cost to operate the island. Insurance (I’m not sure how that works over there) would probably be crazy. There would have to be things to do (or an easy way to get places) as I doubt that people would want to just come to an island to go to an island. They’d want amenities and fun things.

I do know that the main island and the isles around it have been featured in the book Island Years by Frank Fraser Darling. It’s home of several animal species and has been known for its herring fishing in the past. It is rich with northern marsh orchids and butterfly orchids. Those things could bring naturalist tourists out, but I don’t know if that would be enough to drive them there consistently. The more I think about it, I guess I’ll pass on the dreaming. I don’t know that it would be worth the headache, really. If it’s something you’d like to know more about, you can check out the article that I posted HERE. Perhaps, if the presidential candidate you don’t want to win wins, you can move there. I’m kidding.

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My dream is to go spend a week on some island with no phone.” – Cara Delevingne