I posted this yesterday on Facebook and decided to repost it here, because not all of my followers are friends with me on Facebook. Some follow this blog directly, some are just on Twitter and some even are only on Tumblr. The same rules apply here: no political campaigning for ‘your’ candidate because I don’t care, no attacking anyone else for their views. I will delete the comment and block you from commenting on the blog. If you want to discuss things, then that may happen. Enjoy and thanks for reading.american-flag-18

What in the world!?!? I know that BOTH (or all four) sides have seemingly lost their minds with their presidential candidates. I know that the candidates get their parties’ supporters riled up as well as the opposition’s. It gets heated. The candidates are certainly polarizing. I think passion is important and we should have passion behind what we feel is best for the country.

However, when that passion turns into stupidity, violence and malice, things have gone too far. I’m not pointing fingers at any one side as I think both sides have their faults and the worst is starting to rear their ugly heads. From firebombing the Republican headquarters in (I think) Orange County, NC, calling them “nazis,” to people running people off the road who have bumper stickers that don’t agree with another’s political stance (yes, that does happen, as much as some people want to make jokes about it, my wife was one that was victim of an aggression, but there have been others that have claimed it and I’m sure it’s not only one party but both), people are completely losing their minds. It’s ridiculous.

BOTH sides (I’m not excluding Libertarians or any other outside the 2-party people, but most of you are keeping cool) want to talk about how much they ARE ‘Merica, but this is not American. This is what happens in the countries and societies that we are constantly fighting with. Burning buildings of those you disagree with, running someone off the road or, hopefully not, killing someone because you don’t agree with them is absolutely asinine. Is it really worth that? Is it worth your neighbor’s life? Is it worth possibly hurting or killing someone because you’re ticked off or riled up? In whose world is that okay? I’m not talking sides here, I’m talking whole. It’s not a liberal thing, it’s not a conservative thing. It’s not a Republican thing, it’s not a Democrat thing. Life is sacred, at least it should be. If we’re at war with someone, then you know what we do what we gotta do, but, we have to take up for each other in this country.

I know who I’m voting for. I know who most of you are voting for. I have friends and family that believe differently than I do. And, I still care for them, all. I don’t usually “unfriend” for disagreeing with me. I have unfollowed a couple of people, not because they disagree with me, but the utter trash that comes out of their mouths or fingers. I like staying friends with them. After the election, no matter who wins, I’ll probably follow them again. But, you know what? None of it matters enough to try to harm someone else.

If Trump wins, yes, I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll accept it and chalk it up to the democratic process. Then, we move on to what can we do to make America best for EVERYONE, not just Trump supporters. I can keep an open mind. If Hillary wins, I don’t plan on gloating about it and shoving it in anyone’s face. We’ll find a way to make America best for EVERYONE, not just Hillary supporters. But there has to be open minds. But, again, nothing is worth harming someone else. Everyone… EVERYONE needs to settle down. I know you can’t actually please everyone but you can please as many as possible. Close-mindedness is why we’re where we are, now.

Everyone is our neighbor. We don’t have to agree or even like each other but what good does it do to harm someone else? You’re not a bigger or better person if you do that. You’re an idiot if you do that. We should respect each others’ choice to agree with us or not. How I’m going to vote is my right, just as it’s yours. Both sides talk about rights, but talk about them as if it only applies to you and who you “agree with.” Dems/Reps/libs/cons, you all have the same collection of rights. None of you are better than anyone else. No matter what you think.

I am sure that I’m probably either talking to myself or preaching to the choir, but if you’re allowing your political views (again, no matter what they are) to influence you into wanting to harm someone, then you, my friend, have a problem. That’s to ALL “sides.”

If you think I’m talking to you directly (this isn’t aimed at anyone, it’s aimed at everyone), I am sorry you feel that way, I’m not. I am not interested in your political view, whether you agree with me or not. If anyone wants to talk about it, I’m cool. It’s cool. I won’t talk politics, though. If you mention anything about why one candidate is better than the other, try to influence anyone to vote one way or another or if you’re rude to anyone else’s civil conversation on this post or anything else on my page, it will be deleted and you’ll fall into that “unfollow” list. I don’t care how you vote, in the end it doesn’t matter. Not to the extent of anyone’s well being at the hand of “followers.” I’ve said my piece and hope for peace. I hope you have a good, safe night and I can’t wait until this ridiculous election is over; no matter who wins.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.” – Simon Sinek