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I apologize this came so late…

So, I talked about not getting to go to Charleston with The Beer Dads family. That’s true, we didn’t. But, that didn’t keep us from having a good time with each other. The weather kept The BCPF and me from walking and doing a lot of other stuff, but we went to eat a late breakfast at Krankie’s and then to Atelier on Trade for coffee. Then home for a bit before we met the other Beer Dads (and Pilots) at The Katharine Brasserie and Bar.


Fig & Arugula Salad from Katharine Brasserie

The whole point of the Charleston trip was going to be seeing the city, eating good food and beverages and just fun fellowship together. Beer Dads Paul and Jon and Pilots were going to show us places we’d not known about and food we’d not tried. But, since we were here and I am The Man Who Ate the Town, I took the turn at introducing them to something they hadn’t had before; neither had been there.

There was steak, salmon, mussels, grouper, veal, cheese, beef tartar and French onion soup. There was a few extra salads on the side as well as good beer, wine and liquors. Things were delicious, elegant and fun. We all had a good time.

When we left there, we went to Paul’s house and had some fantastic brews. They were heavy duty beers at that: Iron Horse Brewery‘s Cozy Sweater Milk Stout, Rye-on-Rye X Sazerac from Boulevard (11.8% ABV) and Berserker Imperial Stout from Midnight Sun Brewing (12.7% ABV).

We talked a little bit of everything, just sitting around and shooting the breeze. When it came down to it, we didn’t get to Charleston but we brought the spirit of the Charleston trip to WSNC and enjoyed ourselves. We are planning to move the Charleston trip to a date in January, I believe.

The BCPF and I went to brunch on Sunday, of course to Mary’s Gourmet Diner and then back to Atelier on Trade for coffee. Then home to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and see my fantasy football team get close to a win (still waiting for the final results – let’s go Greg Olsen). It was a good weekend, Staycation and all.

Here’s hoping for a good week. For me and for you!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Again a lot of bourbon flavor. Chocolate and coffee. Malt. Omg.” – Beer Dad Paul on Berserker Imperial Stout via Untappd.