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Picture this: 3 couples on a long weekend getaway to the picturesque port city of Charleston, SC. Fantastic food and beverages, horse-drawn carriage rides through the historic town, shopping, exploring, enjoying each others’ company and the fellowship. That sounds delightful, n’est-ce pas? Yeah, it does.

And that’s exactly what was supposed to happen this weekend for The BCPF and myself, 1541739_630x354along with our business partners and partners-in-crime, Beer Dad Jon and Beer Dad Paul and their “Pilots.” We were to leave tomorrow morning after PJ’s and my kid were dropped off at school. A getaway. The first time we’ve actually left the state since The BCPF and I returned from our honeymoon. Plans were made four months ago. But, all of that is for naught, it seems. Enter: Matthew. Hurricane Matthew.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape and calling me insensitive and all that mess, let me say that I am completely sympathetic for the people in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina and probably for the coast of NC, as well. I’m certainly not whining in the face of any devastating trouble the entire southeastern seaboard is going to be facing and enduring. I value everyone of them and I am sending posi-vibes and good thoughts their way and I don’t put myself before them. But, I’m allowed to be disappointed, and I am. But, I’d rather the evacuating people be safe. I’m just disappointed.

It threw us off because we had a lot of dinner reservation and decided that if we’re hanging around here, we’d still have a good dinner and hang out and drink a bit, as if we were going to be in Charleston, anyway. We’ll have fun. We’ll toast our friends and neighbors in the “cone of uncertainty” and wish their safety. They’re a rugged and resourceful bunch, we know they’ll do all they can to be safe. Keep them in your thoughts, too, Dear Reader.

We didn’t realize that this weekend is Parents’ Weekend at Wake Forest and that means all the big restaurants are going to be full this weekend. Somehow, we were able to get an early dinner seating at one of my favorite places. Which place that is, you’ll have to watch The Man Who Ate the Town Instagram feed to find out. We’re all excited, though. I can tell you that much. Keep an eye out.

Until tomorrow, stay safe out there, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Hurricane season brings a humbling reminder that, despite our technologies, most of nature remains unpredictable.” – Diane Ackerman