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There is a lot of stuff going on around the area that I’m sitting in at the Test Pattern Studios. I’m staring out the front window right now, I took down the curtain for a bit (notice The Garage, The Less Desirables Official Music Sponsor). Allowing the day to get in and recording Fan Interference. For right now, all’s quiet. Since 8:50 this morning until right now (1:40p) the construction crews have been almost non-stop: running concrete saws, cutting rebar, busting concrete and sidewalks and pavement,


TC (l) & Chris Lea of Fan Interference

yelling at each other, playing grabarse (not really), running minihoe (small trackhoe) and the list goes on. There was a break, but now, it’s on again/off again.

This, little difference from the normal grinding, cutting, pounding, hammering and paving that has been going on across the street at what will be the shiny new AFAS (Arts For Arts Sake) World Headquarters. Don’t hear me wrong. As annoying as the noise is (especially when you’re in the recording business), I understand, know and look so forward to the awesomeness that the building will hold. For one, it will truly be awesome. It will be great to look at and its purpose will be great, too. Secondly, the noise will be over, finally. This day’s noise is in conjunction with the AFAS stuff, but it’s directly in front of my window. Usually, I have a buffer from the concrete block wall on the corner and side. Just difficult to work.

The area is just cluttered with progress right now. Around the whole block (from 7th around to MLK/8th, Trade to Liberty), there’s construction. Mary’s Gourmet Diner (the Official Carbonator of The Man Who Walked the Town) is closed today because of the new office building that’s being put in right next door has the entire part of Trade closed. People tend to lose their marbles and can’t find their way back to her, through the back door. I think the other breakfast joint is open, I’m not sure. That’s throwing a kink in Mary’s making a living. There may be some other things such as power and things that are impacting that, but it’s difficult to run a business, especially a restaurant, when people can’t get to you or the electricity is off.

Parking is also an issue. The parking lot behind the studios are partially blocked and the street, as well. There’s places, you just have to look for them. Just gotta get through the day, I think that part is over this afternoon. Let’s hope. Again, let’s not take this wrong. I, and I’m pretty sure Mary, am excited for the finished product, it’s just difficult to get through the construction. We welcome our new neighbors, just, please… hurry up (I say with a genuine smile)!!

Until tomorrow, when, hopefully, it’s quieter, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw