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Do you know what today is, Dear Reader? Well, I’m sure you’ve already looked at the subject line, so I can’t hide it or make it a surprise (I’ll come out from behind the couch, now). Today is International Podcast Day! Today, that is September 30, 2016, International Podcast Day.

Now, if you’re wondering why this makes me excited, then I welcome you to my blog. You must be new here if you don’t know why this gets me going. There’s Secretary’s Day, tim-podcastingNational Librarian Day, Be Kind to Lawyers Day, National Bunion Removers’ Day (I made that one up), but none of those have anything to do with me, other than on those days, I hope the people it pertains to have a great one. But, International Podcast Day is a day that celebrates exactly what I do.

Six and a half years ago, I, along with my bud Brian started a little thing we call The Less Desirables. It was intended to be a mere 20 minutes long (the length of the local average commute) to give them a once-a-week dose of pop culture. We added Eugene a year or so into it and Caitlin after Brian moved away to take a major career step. When Eugene had to move on to other things, we added Bruce. Bruce went back to Chi-Town to be with family and we added Danielle. So, now Caitlin, Danielle, a plethora of guest hosts and I have welcomed, collectively, hundreds of guests (that sounds awesome to me) on what has grown to be a two hour show. 346 episodes of it, to be exact. Starting from a meager little bedroom on the ground floor of my house to the upstairs loft to two different studios on Fourth Street, downtown, to Test Pattern Studios on Seventh. We’ve come a long way.

But, it didn’t stop there. I wanted have a whole network of shows. Chad Nance of Camel City Dispatch wanted to do a weekly “news” program and we made that happen, once we moved downtown. That lasted almost 3 years. It wasn’t because the show wasn’t any good, it was the nature of the show and the direction Chad and Carissa (his better half) wanted to take the news organization in general. Chad and I remain good friends, now, and we still work together on various projects.

Ty Collins wanted to do a sports show. A national sports show that fell in the vein of Dan Patrick or other national sports talk shows. We made that happen. It is still going on and we record them on Mondays, generally right after all the sports happens. We call that Fan Interference.

The BCPF and I were eating at a restaurant (that is no longer there) and I posted about it on social media. Another local food blogger, Nikki, and I started a conversation about food and The BCPF said, “that’s your next podcast, right there.” We invited her to meet us a few doors down and we discussed and implemented what became Tart & Tangy Triad. That went on for almost three years. Nikki and I decided to take our food styles and wants and go in different directions, but I think we’re all proud of what we had with that.

I had become friends with Jon who truly introduced to Paul (we had met once and knew each other on FB), and grew tight and on the same page about wanting to be part of something big. The BCPF and their pilots along with us three started hanging out a good bit, together. That grew into a partnership that did two things. One, J&P are now part owners of Such-N-Such Limited, Inc., which owns Such-N-Such Media, which is the production company and owners of The Less Desirables Network and all of its shows. Two, our regular business meetings at Small Batch Beer company led to one of my favorite projects, The Beer Dads, a podcast about three guys who happen to be parents (Jon of 3, Paul of 1 and me of 1) and lovers of beer, so we sit and record our “dad” conversations whilst having a brew (or more). This part of my podcasting history, I consider the most important, other than starting The Less Desirables in the first place, which set all this roller coaster in motion.

This brings me to my (so far) last entry of my podcasting arsenal. At least what I’m directly involved with and responsible for. When Tart & Tangy Triad broke apart, I decided to focus on a food blog that I’d been working on for the last several years, The Man Who Ate the Town, and I’ll admit, sporadically. Once T&TT was done, I really turned it up. I wanted it to be the source for food news in town. Now, I know that it has a ways to go before that can even remotely be said about it and it may never get to that point, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to continue trying. Anywhat! I decided that I was going to put, in one shape or another, that concept into a brand new podcast and while it’s only me, for now, I am going to start incorporating some of the food personalities around town to be guests and have guest spots and segments. It’s growing and becoming somewhat popular, at least in the food industry around town. Check… And, coming soon, a video series (still can be used as a podcast) for The Man Who Walked the Town.

So, since 2010, I have produced 734 episodes of various podcasts and those are only the ones that I was the producer, host or owner or that has been on The Less Desirables Network. Before that, as far back as 2006/2007 I was doing podcasts for a comic book store that I was suckered into being a part of. So I’ve been podcasting for about 10 years. Longer than most, and certainly the most consistent of anyone around here that I can figure. Especially, at this volume. I’ve also produced around 15 episodes for several outside sources.

And that’s what I do, now. I produce. I produce for others.You like podcasts? You want to do a podcast but don’t know what goes into it? Well, fear not! I can help with that. I’m not going to get into the logistics of it because it’s 1000 words or more in and of itself. I’ve already run this one over 1000. But, let’s just say, I am not called the “podfather” around here for nothing. Let me help you. Contact me, we’ll talk.

So… Happy International Podcast Day to all of you. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I appreciate you all for listening to my work. I can’t thank you enough. But, I’ll try. Thank you thank you thank you thank you th… You get the gist. Listen to podcasts, it’s radio on demand! Listen to mine because I need to feed the fam. I’m not afraid to say that, either (wink).

Until tomorrow, same blog (and pod?) channel…
Scorp out!

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