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This past week was the final week of the MM3AMMC/TLD Tap Takeover. Over the last 15 weeks, that’s right, FIFTEEN!, I’ve heard a lot of groovy tunes. 118, actually. From a return to youth or freedom or straight-forward rock to personal stories or foreign language or  “lyrical vomit” or even several songs about me. I’ve listened to a lot of music. I’ve listened to some awesome musicians, too. Clay, Doug, Jerry, Patrick, Steve, Corky, KG, Josh, Eddie and Anand, thank you all for entertaining me this last 15 weeks. Especially thanks to Doug, Josh, Eddie and Anand for sticking with it until the end.


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Before I continue, I’d like to congratulate Doug Davis on his song, “Rivers to Oceans” for being last week’s “featured song.”

A recap of how this has works: So, on Monday morning around 8:30am or so, I would go and listen to the submissions. I looked over the assignment, compare the lyrics and songs to that assignment and then picked the one that I think makes the best representation of the assignment’s rules. To hear all the entrants this week visit the MM3AMMC website HERE.

This week, the assignment was from Josh: “My wife had an awesome suggestion. Write an anthem. Something that would be sung in soccer stadiums, football stadiums and other sporting arenas. Bonus points if you write one for your favorite sporting team.”

The submissions were as follows:

  • Doug Davis – “Reaching for the Sky”
  • Eddie McBride – “Fight!”
  • Joshua West – “Jezabel”
  • Anand Gan – “Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah”

So, there were 4 songs from 4 artists. And the winner was… nah, you don’t get it that easy. I mean, I want you to listen to the whole show, right? So, you need to listen to find out who won. You can do that on The Less Desirables website, on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or  Podcast Addict. Or, I’ll save you the trouble and post it here, I’m good like that. And yes, there may be a reposting of this next Tuesday, you never know.


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Rat a tat tat let the song get in you. Feel the beat. Put the hammer down with a rattlesnake breakthrough. Cant be beat! “ Anand Gan (not necessarily the winner)