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Well, it started on Tuesday. A little roughness in the throat, a bit of drainage from sinuses that I didn’t even knew were upset with me. Well, crap, an allergy attack coming on, I said to myself. I don’t know if it was an allergy or what, but it’s completely settled in my sinuses, for sure. 200_s

I’ve been a zombie since late Wednesday night. I got through The Less Desirables. I don’t miss that, at almost any cost. I couldn’t really taste the beer, I believe I abstained from rating it because I didn’t want to give a dishonest evaluation. I wouldn’t really know what was going on. That night because I was sneezing and so stopped up, there was no sleep for me. Hard to use your CPAP when it’s only designed to work under your nose. No air in, no air out. So, I sat up or dozed all night. When I’m like that, I have “theme” dreams that continue even after I wake up. Usually, it’s a struggle with something: a work project, trying to come up with a new song, rewiring and configuring the studio, something that I’m always looking for an answer for (only when I try to sleep). I know that is because I’m not getting any rest and my mind is skipping like a stone over the still lake water (or is it rapid river? it is my head after all) and is also fighting to keep me alive – sleep apnea is a byotch mistress.

Yesterday morning, I dragged my way through doing the social media/memes/posting for TLD and that took extra time because I couldn’t concentrate. I popped some useless pills. I have to take a certain kind of allergy/cold/flu things because I have high blood pressure and regular decongestants and such wreak havoc on me or my BP meds, or something. I do what I’m told. I have no clue why I do what I do, other than The BCPF tells me to. If she wanted to kill me, she could have me take something because I do what she tells me. Don’t get any ideas, baby! The pills did no good.

I napped in and out, waking gasping for air and sneezing more. I somehow got through the Instagram and blog post for The Man Who Ate the Town. I must have done something right because Chef Travis commended me on the post. But, I was just in a daze all day. I continue to be in the daze today. I did get some sleep, though. As long as I have one nostril mostly clear, the CPAP can work. It’s rough, but it can. Now, it’s the drainage from the rest of it. My head feels like it’s in a vice and the sliding jaw is tightening every second. I can’t concentrate and I’m like a zombie. Imagine how many times I’ve had to write and rewrite this! Even though I slept I feel I could just doze off right now, sitting here.

I am behind on my work. I have quite a few things that I can’t catch up on because of this. I have a doctor’s appointment at 3:30p today. I was supposed to get my flu shot, but I figure they won’t let me since my immune system is already in overdrive. We’ll see how all of that goes. I wish to thank The BCPF for putting up with me, I know I’m a whiny little girl when I don’t feel good and she puts up with it. I really appreciate it. Okay, I’m getting off and going to sit back and stare for a bit.Thanks for listening to me rant and ramble. I apologize if any of it comes off as confusing, I’m not thinking straight right now.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The art of being sick is not the same as the art of getting well.” – Tony Snow