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This past Monday ended the twelfth week in Round 13 of TLD/MM3AMMC. Before we continue, I’d like to congratulate Patrick Ferguson on his song, “All Washed Away” for being last week’s “featured song.”

A recap of how this works: So, on Monday morning around 8:30am or so, I go and listen to the submissions. Truth be known, I actually try to listen along the way.  But, I really listen at 8:30am. I look over the assignment, compare the lyrics and songs to that assignment and then pick the one that I think makes the best representation of the assignment’s a0683698238_10rules. To hear all the entrants this week visit the MM3AMMC website HERE.

This week, the assignment was from Patrick: “Since Tim Beeman is hand picking his favorite song of the week this round I feel we owe him a favor. TIMBO currently has a blog called “the man who walked the town” where he goes out in the city to random places for a bit of exercise. I feel he needs some motivational music, or a theme song for his Blog. Let’s all attempt to write a song for him called “The Man Who Walked the Town” . Let’s motivate Tim to “Walk On”…. this challenge is open to any style or interpretation. Just write something that will get him going.”

The submissions are as follows:

  • Doug Davis – “The Man Who Walked the Town”
  • Eddie McBride – “The Man Who Walked the Town”
  • Patrick Ferguson – “The Man Who Walked the Town”
  • Joshua West – “The Man Who Walked the Town”
  • Anand Gan – “The Man Who Walked the Town”
  • KG Noble – “The Man Who Walked the Town”
  • Jerry Chapman – “The Man Who Walked the Town”

To say that this is personal to me, well, that’s understatement. I really appreciate Patrick, who has walked with me on a few of my The Man Who Walked the Town journeys, coming up with this assignment.

So, there were 7 songs from 7 artists. And the winner was… nah, you don’t get it that easy. I mean, I want you to listen to the whole show, right? So, you need to listen to find out who won. You can do that on The Less Desirables website, on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or  Podcast Addict. Or, I’ll save you the trouble and post it here, I’m good like that. And yes, there may be a reposting of this next Tuesday, you never know.


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“He used to say, 10K before 10A -OK “ KG Noble (not necessarily the winner)