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The Less Desirables welcomed Wayne Pinnix to the Test Pattern Studios, last week. Wayne is from Biker Trash Nation was on to promote Camel City Bike Fest that is happening on September 10. 2016-08-31-22-28-57

Caitlin’s Bowl o’Stuffs featured the latest in Winston-Salem Jaycees happenings.

TC of our sister show, Fan Interference gives the latest sports update, rumors and headlines. Follow Fan Interference on Twitter (HERE) for round-the-clock sports goings on.

a/perture cinema presents the week in movies including new to Netflix and a review of “Blazing Saddles.” It was the week of Gene Wilder’s death, so I had to throw that one in. I wrote a review this past Saturday. Look three posts back.

Bull’s Tavern presents the latest episode of “As Ardmore Turns.”Let me say that the Ardmorians were losing their shite! Well, perhaps they were finding it, the dog kind anyway.

The Garage presents the week in music including new releases and two MM3AMMC songs. Because of wild and weird plumbing issues, The Garage was closed this weekend, so there was room to play two of the MM3AMMC tunes.

City Beverage presents Locksley Ordinary Bitters from Mystery Brewing. It was tasted and rated by CrewTLD!

We’d like to thank our additional sponsors, Finnigan’s Wake, King’s Crab Shack and Washington Perk.

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“I don’t suppose you’d remember those memories? They haunt me tonight. We sat on a bench outside Roux House, bathed in the gold marquee’s light. You told me you’d never been partial to my kind of trifling schemes, but, I dreamed that some day you would love me and tonight I’m still dreaming that dream.” – ‘Debris” (Doug Davis)