Well, today, my boy, 3B started high school. That’s 10 years removed from the first day of kindergarten. That’s a whole different story. That was, “well look!” Where this “jeez! he’s growing up!” He’s almost 15, a Freshman, Ninth Grade. He’s becoming a young man. He’s almost as tall as me and I’m over 6 feet. unnamed (1)

He gets to go to school later, now. School started about 5-10 minutes before 8am in both elementary and middle school. High School doesn’t start until 8:55am. So that’s about an hour difference. I’m still going to get him up earlier on some days so that we can go to breakfast; spend some time together. We got to enjoy some days like that this summer
and it was nice.

And the kicker of it all is that he’s going to my alma mater. I don’t know how often that happens around here much. I know that many of my cousins and friends have kids that will go to the same school as them (some of them won’t since their alma mater isn’t the same in that town anymore; some are), but down here people move to other areas, districts, regions, states, etc. I live less than a mile from this high school, the one that I graduated from. So, he’ll be a Mustang and I’m okay with that. One of his teachers was also a student at that school whilst I was. I know several of my teachers in WV were schoolmates of Mes ‘Rents’ but I didn’t know if he’d have any like that. I’m reaching now, I know. But, it’s just amazing to me that he’s growing so fast.

I know everyone’s (at least people in Forsyth County) posting their first day of school pics and others get tired of seeing that. But, oh well, I’m posting it anyway. This was this morning before school.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!!

– Bubba Smith