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I told you that we would announce a new sponsor for The Less Desirables this week and this is the time for that to happen! Danielle Bull, who has guest co-hosted over the last few months approached me about Bull’s Tavern being a sponsor and, well, I dig her, I dig her bar (I wrote the article for Piedmont Local Magazine) and I dig my sponsors. So, who am I to say no to that?

Starting this past Wednesday, Bull’s Tavern became an official “segment sponsor” meaning that Bull’s will be the sponsor of a particular segment. This segment, since Danielle lives in Ardmore, will be… wait for it… dang! you guessed it! “As Ardmore Turns!”bulls-1 The “brought to you by” sponsors are mentioned before the segment they sponsor. Non-segment sponsors are usually mentioned after a segment and can float from segment to segment. It’s not that we love them any less or any different, it’s just the way that it is. They all hold equal esteem, just so you know. It’s just placement. However, I am quite excited about this sponsor. Bull’s will also be known as “The Official Watering Hole of The Less Desirables.”

Danielle is an energetic and young business owner who knows what she wants and she goes after it. She left a comfy job as a legal assistant and decided to pursue her dream. She has it and her “Tavern” is a kicking spot on the “new main street,” Fourth Street, where you can hear great bands, have fantastic drinks and meet awesome people. She knows her way around beer and prides herself in having the best stuff available. I don’t think you’ll ever hear anyone say: “well, it’s an okay place, but their beer list is lax.” They’ll say, “it’s fun, with great music and man… that beer list!!!”

Danielle is a fun addition when she’s on the show, as well. Caitlin and I enjoy having her on when she’s been on. There is talk that she may be a permanent addition to the show. We’re still in talks and in R&D about that, but I think she’d do great. There are a few others that are in consideration for that position, but Danielle is right up there, I’d say top two. I do know that having her beer expertise is always fun and exciting. Anywhat! All that said, I really enjoy having them as a new sponsor. I highly recommend you visit Bull’s Tavern and get to know the awesomeness that it is.

You can find Bulls Tavern at 408 W Fourth Street and they’re open 7 days a week, 8 days some weeks, it seems. They’re on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, too. Thank you Danielle! Thank you Bull’s Tavern! Thank you and welcome!!

Don’t forget our other sponsors: City Beverage, Finnigan’s Wake, King’s Crab Shack, a/perture cinema, The Garage, Washington Perk. We appreciate you all, so much.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Located on West Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem. We offer live music four nights per week and an extensive craft beer and liquor selection.” – Bull’s Tavern