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Whew… It may take me a bit to recover from this past weekend. Between walking, music, food and booze, I’m ready for a weekend. It’s been the busiest I can remember on record. But, for the purpose of this blog I’m going to focus, at least today, on one thing: music.

After a long walk with by pal Patrick on Friday morning and a marathon conversation with a spectacular young woman that afternoon, and then one of the dinners of the week, I played with my pals, Clay Howard and Neal Goode at Test Pattern. Collectively we’re 13901310_518832031645974_8202719342297880616_n.jpgknown as The Threadbare Trio. I think it was the best we’ve done as a group. I say that because we actually seemed to know the songs this time. I kid mostly. I’m mostly familiar with the tunes, but have never played them. So, I’ll admit, I cheat and have my tablet on a stand in front of me, so I can use my charts and such. I don’t do that for full on rock shows, but for this (we’re all sitting on stools of some sort), I’m okay with that.

We had a decent crowd for that show, we even got Jerry Chapman up to play some bass (my instrument) on three songs. I stood on stage using Neal’s tambourine and shaker-set to keep some semblance of rhythm. I wasn’t great at that. But, I was doing backup vocals, so I guess that mostly made up for it. We were supposed to play about 90 minutes but the bands that were following up on us backed out and went somewhere else to play, so we played for a little longer. I made a few bucks, so, no complaints there, not for any of it.

Then, Saturday got The BCPF and I up and we walked another 10k steps. Then rush home to shower and then rush to our friend Evan’s place around 10:30a to start having about 30 mimosas and/or bloody marys and then a dark and stormy (or two) before going to a seafood festival at 3pm – you do the math, there; there was that much drinking. Then we had to trek over in the awful heat and humidity to Liberty Street so I could perform the “Summer on Liberty” show with the Vagabond Saints Society doing Talking Heads. I did my three songs, “Stay Up Late,” “Burning Down the House” and “Once in a Lifetime” for the last time. I figured because it was the last time, I just threw down; whatever happened happened and I was going to have to be okay with that. Nothing but good things (at least that I could tell) happened and I was excited and relieved that it was all over. I can purge those songs and prepare for the next VSS show that I will be part of (which may or may not be the next show, I haven’t decided).

All that being said, I really enjoyed being on stage with musical brothers and sisters for both shows. Being part of it with them made everything extra spectaculicious. I know some of the most talented singers and musicians in the world, I just wish the world knew more about them. I am trying my best, at that. So, lots of musical work this weekend, thrown in on top of the food and beer and liquor and wine and walking and… and… and… I am so ready for the weekend, now.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!!

“This is what it sounds like, when the doves cry…” – “When Doves Cry” (Prince)