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I’ve been doing a bit of work for some friends of mine, Twin City Hive. They’re going to do a few little podcasts, more on that when the time comes. But, I have to say that doing this has introduced me to some fantastic people.

Today was one of those days, I must say that today, I met one of my favorites from this whole project. I met a young lady named Mamie. I’ll leave it at that, but she was an amazing person. She’s totally the opposite of me. Divinity school, female, African 11aTCHAmerican, etc. However, she and I had a lot of stuff in common. Our appointment was at 11am and we talked for about an hour in our “conversation,” but we stayed at TCH and chatted about all kinds of things afterward.

She doesn’t know if she knows Ma Père or not, but she knows a lot of his friends. She did some work with the pastors of the church he is a board member of. She does volunteer work at the Children’s Home because she spent time there as a youth. She is a personal trainer, a life coach, a body builder and just plain awesome. There was a lot about her that was just amazing. When The BCPF came home I told her that she just had to meet this woman because I feel she’d really dig getting to know her, too.

That being said, there are six other people (or 5 singles and a hubby and wife) that I talked to last week in this project and everyone were fantastic in their own way. I have contact info for them all and want to have other conversations with them away from this project. I hope to hang with them and have dinner with them and The BCPF sometime soon. I’d like to thank Terry and Joey for allowing me to do this project for them. I really felt in touch with the people that I’ve talked to.This town is full of awesome people and I can’t wait to help introduce you to them. I’ll write more about this when the podcasts are ready to roll (I still have a lot of work and editing to do with them. Keep watch!

Update: I completed this right before we left go to Luv Luv Festival at Spring House, but I forgot to hit send. That’s twice this week. I’ve been really, really swamped. I apologize for it being posted late.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“You and I are the same person…” – Mamie