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We had special guests this week on The Less Desirables,which is recorded live in the Test Pattern Studio. We had Byron and Kelley Weeks of Earth’s Edge Tattoo and Piercing on to talk about their lives, their history, tattoos and piercings in general. Kelley and Byron then hung out with Caitlin and me to talk about pop culture stuffs.

Since there was no As Ardmore Turns the previous week, we hit them hard last week with a 16-minute whopper that was full of disdain for a local grocery chain and snootiness about the south in general. Oh and don’t forget the coconut creamer.2016-07-27 22.51.37

Caitlin gives her “Bowl o’Stuffs” about the Winston-Salem Jaycees and their upcoming events.

The music section is brought to you by The Garage. I give a rundown on what new tunes and albums came out last Friday. Kyle Caudle had a CD release on Saturday and we played a tune in honor of it. The song wasn’t from the new ep but I didn’t have access to that.

We then played the latest featured tune from the TLD/MM3AMMC Tap Takeover, who was the winner? Well, you just have to listen to find out!

TC of our sister podcast, Fan Interference, gives the latest in sports updates. Lots of NFL news since the season is upon us. Also, MLB and NBA stuff.

a/perture cinema presents the week in movies including what’s new to a/perture and Netflix movie streaming. I give a review of the film Sideways.

City Beverage presents the beer of the week, Starlight Ale from Bombshell Beer Company.

We’d like to thank our sponsors listed above as well as Finnigan’s Wake, King’s Crab Shack and Washington Perk.

You can hear the podcast on the website, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and Podcast Addict. Or you can listen right here, because I’m cool like that.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I rode a horse drunk once…” – Kelley Weeks