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Today has been long and I’ve not done a whole lot. It started with a slightly morbid conversation with Mes ‘Rents and Ma Sœur about what’s going on with life and what happens when that is done. It has to be done but still, it’s not a comfortable conversation.

Then I had an important lunch date with my lovely, The BCPF and we looked into something that could either be really good for us or be just another disappointed venture. I think it will be good, but can we afford it? That’s what the hold up; will it cost more money than we can afford or will it save us money in the long run? More on that if it happens. If not, then I’ll just be teasing you with it.




Then I went to work and recorded this week’s As Ardmore Turns. Will do some The Man Who Ate the Town tomorrow, possibly from my house. I don’t really have to go in tomorrow. Then after all that, I recorded two episodes of The Beer Dads with my biz partners and buddies, Jon and Paul. I know this whole post is short and somewhat disjointed but it’s been a long (and somewhat draining) day and I just have little to give at 10:35pm. Sorry it’s so late.

I’m going to relax, now. Until tomorrow and all that…
Scorp out!

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard