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I saw that I wrote this on my Facebook page three years ago. It was some good writing, I’ll admit, so I’m just going to repost it here. Today is the fifth anniversary of me asking The BCPF to marry me. So, here it was…

“I got on a plane, a plane with a beautiful girl. Man, she was gorgeous. Flew to my favorite place, Walt Disney World. Free Magical Express ride to my favorite resort in the “World,” Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. We were greeted like we were family; I love that. No hesitation, on to Magic Kingdom. Had lunch at my favorite hotdog stand, Casey’s and looked and debated whether these birds were Ibis or not (they were). Swiss Family Treehouse, no waiting… check. Jungle Cruise... check. Pirates of the Caribbean, front row… check. Hall of Presidents, yes. Haunted Mansion, yes. 74582-the2bringIt’s a Small World (damn, I hate that song but love the ride), front row, indeed. Peter Pan’s Flight, flying high.
Wow… Gotta get to Epcot, easy access to the monorail. Jump off and send her through the “no bags” line as I manipulate my fanny pack through check-in (yes, I said fanny pack). Stop at Spaceship Earth to hear how Dame Judy Dench does it; still prefer Jeremy Irons, but no waiting. Go to Mexico and ride El Rio del Tiempo, front row seats. On to Norway and ride on Maelstrom, again front row seats. Make our way and eat an early dinner at Tutti Italia in Italy. After eating a great dinner with this magnificent woman, we go to Canada to see the new rendition of ‘O Canada’ and I’m not disappointed.
The scare of the day, going to Yacht Club to get on a boat and the place is shut up – closed. About to
dial 911, or at least the 407 number to find out why and out pops a slew of boat captains. Uncle Fester, or Captain Ron takes us on a boat and tells a brief history of the way the World Showcase Lagoon and the Crescent Lake were made and how long it took to fill; also a history of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We finally tether to the other 4 boats on the lake and watch some of the 2631c-just2bengagedgreatest fireworks on the planet, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. I had a lovely lady leaning on me while we watched bombastic light explosions and she turns to me to say, ‘Today has been a perfect day.’ I agreed and smiled. The show went on and I held her tight. At the end I had said ‘Today HAS been perfect. There’s only one thing I can think that would make it more perfect…’ As soon as the sparkle in the sky was over, I presented the sparkle in a box, which ended up on her finger with a surprised ‘yes’ whispering from her lips.
That was 2 years ago, today. I love that woman. I love that woman. I love that woman. And yes, she’s still

I’m a lucky man and I absolutely know this. This is number two of the three anniversaries we celebrate, whether that’s juvenile or not, we know that this, our second time around (each) that we’re very lucky to have what we do and I love that we basically shout it from the rooftops.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

” Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” – Loretta Young