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Smitty’s Notes Best of 2016 list came out this week and I, along with The Less Desirables Network, have a lot of friends on that list. You can read the entire list HERE. This is only the winners that pertain to me, my family and friends and my businesses.

The abbreviation key: Winner (W), Runner-up (RU), Honorable Mention (HM).

The Less Desirables sponsors:

The Beer Dads sponsor:

The Man Who Walked the Town sponsors:

Friends of me, The Man Who Ate the Town or just cool people I like:

  • Test Pattern – HM, New Bar/Nightclub (Open since July 1, 2015); HM, Power Couple (Brian and Drew Cole)
  • Tommy Priest – HM, Local Activist; W, Local Scenester; W, Power Couple (w/Kendall Priest), HM, Coffee (Coffee Park); HM, Barista (Jimmy Greer Coffee Park Airstream)
  • Camino Bakery – W, Bakery; HM, Dessert; HM, Coffee; HM, Barista (Kevin McHugh)
  • Twin City Hive – HM, Chocolatier; RU, Coffee; W, Barista (Rachel Hayes); RU Barista (Joey Burdette); W, Free Wi-Fi
  • Willow’s Bistro – HM, Brunch; RU, Chef (Travis Myers); RU, Server (Shane Ward)
  • Spring House Restaurant & Bar – RU, Romantic Dinner; W, Fine Dining; W, Chef (Tim Grandinetti); HM, Restaurant Service; HM, Restaurant Bar
  • Quanto Basta – RU, Italian Restaurant; HM, Take a First Date; HM, Restaurant Bar
  • DiLisio’s – W, Italian Restaurant
  • The Katharine Brasserie – W, New Restaurant (Open since July, 1, 2015); HM, Romantic Dinner; HM, Fine Dining Restaurant; RU, New Bar/Nightclub (Open since July 1, 2015); HM, Restaurant Bar
  • Meridian – RU, Take a First Date; HM, Fine Dining Restaurant; RU, Wine List; HM, Chef (Mark Grohman); W, Server (Brandy); W, Bartender, Female (Michele Russell); RU Bartender, Female (Ali Brown)
  • Single Brothers – RU, Dive Bar; HM, Meet After Work; RU, Craft Cocktails; W, Best Place To Meet Single UNDER 40
  • Silver Moon Saloon – W, Dive Bar
  • Camel City BBQ Factory – RU, BBQ; RU, New Restaurant (Open since July, 1, 2015); RU, Ribs
  • Tavern at Old Salem – HM, Chef (Jared Keiper)
  • The Porch – HM, Mexican; HM, Brunch
  • Mission Pizza Napoletana – HM, Pizza Parlor
  • Small Batch Beer – RU, Local Brewery; HM, Tap Beer; RU, Meet After Work; HM, Bartender, Male (Quentin Williams)
  • Local Band – Winner: The Genuine, Runner Up: Karon Click and The Hot Licks, Honorable Mention: Vagabond Saints Society

So a hearty congratulations to all those mentioned. Your worth shows in the community. I’m proud to know you all and for the sponsors, I’m proud to be part of your, and for you to be part of my, family. Still can’t figure out why The BCPF and I weren’t on the Power Couple list. I have to vote more next time… wait, there isn’t a next time for this “best of.”

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“As you enjoy the kudos bestowed upon you by your fellow citizens, I encourage you to savor the moment, because this year, 2016, marks the last year of my Best of Winston-Salem competition.” – Smitty’s Notes Best Of 2016