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I’m looking at the weather forecast, or should I say forecasts, and notice that they’re not all on the same page. Because I’m looking forward to what the weather is for tomorrow, I looked to see what the local NBC, CBS and Fox stations said the weather was predicted to be. I’m not liking it. Even if they’re not on the same page, none of it looks good. It looks like there will be scattered thunderstorms all over the place tomorrow from about 9pm tonight on through. In fact, the whole week has some sort of chance of rain. But, why am I annoyed by this?

Well, it’s two things. I’ve gotten used to doing my Saturday walks and I was thinking that I may attempt some filming to get the web series going on The Man Who Walked the Town. We



haven’t chosen the neighborhood yet, but I’m sure it’s someplace that I’ve already been so we can use it as practice. I hate being wet, so, if it’s raining, I’m probably not going to go out in it, willingly. The GoPro (thank you Omega Sports) is in a waterproof case, so I’m not worried about that, but I don’t like being wet; I worry about that!

The other thing that I hope it doesn’t rain for is the second of the Vagabond Saints Society’s Best of Talking Heads summer tour. It will be at RayLen Vineyards in Mocksville/Advance/Bermuda Run (it sits right on a bit of the Bermuda Run Triangle) and it’s outside. There’s a shed but, really, if it’s raining who’s going to go to that? I don’t know that anyone will. I don’t know that I want to if it’s raining. Especially with thunderstorms. If it were just rain, maybe. I don’t know. So, if it’s not raining, come on out to RayLen, it’s their “Full Moon Festival” that day. You can find directions by visiting their website HERE.

So, again, here’s hoping that the weather goes along with my plans. If not, then we’ll find something else to do, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. I was looking forward to the second accomplishing of my “10k by 10a” and starting the filming process. So, rain, rain go away! Far away!

Until tomorrow (and hoping for a dry-ish one), same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Why don’t we pretend? There you go, Little Man. Cute, cute, why not? Late at night, wake him up?” – “Stay Up Late” (Byrne)