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I have two big things to talk about today, but I’ve already talked about it since I wrote two other posts today. First, The Beer Dads welcomes a brand new presenting sponsor, PrintHoots Roller Bar & Beer Company. We talk about that and our former presenting sponsor in the latest episode of TBD which you can find the post for (with the actual podcast embedded),

Plus, I had a milestone weekend walking and I’m super proud of my accomplishment and progress, I hope you humor me and read The Man Who Walked the Town blog over HERE.

It was a fantastic weekend coupled with hanging out with family. Just good stuff. But, I talked about that and these two posts will keep you reading for a while – you know I’m verbose. So, enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Let it be known that the HOOTS BEER CO. is a mysterious brotherhood which concocts blue collar brews of unmatched character.” – Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company’s website