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Yesterday was a huge walking day for me, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about that. I’m talking two other things, briefly, in this Silent Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon into evening, The BCPF and I double dated with my sister and bro-in-law. We’d been talking a while about how downtown WSNC has changed in the last few years and for Christmas, we gave them a “night on the town” with us to show them13614986_10154161432195490_3773797020575523965_n what is going on downtown and treat them to dinner at one of our “spots.” They met us at our house at 4pm and we went and parked in front of Mary’s Gourmet Diner (the “carb loader” of The Man Who Walked the Town) and took them down Trade Street showing them our stomp as well as showing the place where the new The Less Desirables studio will be. We showed them The Garage (Official Music Sponsor of The Less Desirables) and Finnigan’s Wake (Official Emerald Isle of TLD). We did go over to Artivity on the Green and showed that off. We stopped in at Atelier on Trade (the caffeinator of TMWWTT) and Mast General Store and let them look around.

We went down to Fourth and walked them around more places of interest like Washington Perk and Provision Company (Official Provision Company of TLD) and a/perture cinema (Official Movie Sponsor of TLD) and took them down to where the studio is currently. Walked by Small Batch Beer and back to the car. We drove them around showing them some neighborhoods and where Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company (the “liquid reward” sponsor of TMWWTT and something else that comes out tomorrow… I’m such a tease) and The Porch are and showed them Bailey Park. We then went and had dinner at Willow’s Bistro where Chef Travis Myers made us a wonderful dinner. And, she ate ground meat outside of her house (or Notre Mère’s place) for the first time in about 21 years. I felt I accomplished something. We had a wondermous time. At least The BCPF and I did. They seemed to as well. We agreed we’d have to do that again.

The other thing I wanted to mention is today is Second Sunday on Fourth for July. Come see Michael Nau with Silver Sedans as we close down Fourth between Cherry and Marshall with plenty of family activities, food and fun. We frolic and aren’t afraid to admit it!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The creators of SSO4, the 4CM Group, are a merry band of business owners on the 300 block of 4th Street. We are true believers in a vision of a happily thriving downtown.” – SSO4