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City Beverage, the Official Beer Sponsor of The Less Desirables, presents Toaster Pastry India Red Ale by 21st Amendment Brewing from San Francisco, The Less Desirables5adcc439-31e1-4920-b21f-825f1b8c0715 Beer of the Week.

My only real exposure to 21st Amendment was the Hell or High Watermelon and I don’t remember being too awfully fond of it. I mean if you’re going to say it’s a fruit beer, I need to really taste the fruit. I don’t think I did, at least not enough. But, they’ve a good following and I’m all about second and third chances. Spencer said this is a good one and, well I trust him, let’s do it!

The brewery’s name comes, of course, from the 21st Amendment to the Constitution of the USA that repealed prohibition. Sound logic to me. San Francisco has eight breweries where there used to be 40 with a population that is doubled in size (per the website). I wish we had eight breweries around here. Well, I guess we do overall, but I’m talking just WSNC. I am happy with what we have, though. This is an India Red Ale but we should just call it for what it is, a red IPA. The few red IPAs that I’ve had, I’ve actually enjoyed, so, I’ll go in with high hopes; right or wrong.

BeerAdvocate rates it at 89 (Very Good) with no Bros Score. Untappd has it at 3.77 caps out of 5. Have you had Toaster Pastry India Red Ale? How was it? If you’ve not had it or want more of it, you should skip on down to City Beverage and grab your own sixer! Tune in tonight or tomorrow to hear how Caitlin, Tracy, Tammy, Pam, Tripp and I like it. Whew! Full house tonight, indeed.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The popular brewpub is now at the heart of the new city center, just south of the financial district and only two blocks from the San Francisco Giants baseball park.” – 21st Amendment Website