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This has been a great holiday weekend. We’ve still one more day to go, too. That’s always fun. I love three day weekends. I especially like when I don’t have to go in on Monday (sometimes we still do podcasts on holiday Mondays), although, I never complain because I love what I do. I truly do love it.

We started Friday with The BCPF getting home before 5pm. That never happens. We went to celebrate by eating at Willow’s Bistro, one of our faves. We came home and watched a little Mad Men before heading off to bed. We got up Saturday and did our walking thing in West 13508907_10154143762450490_9046315447870418874_nSalem and you know that included Omega Sports, Mary’s Gourmet Diner, Atelier on Trade and Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company. You can read about that HERE. Came home watched more Mad Men. Grabbed dinner at The Porch and came home and watched the last episode of Mad Men. That’s right, we finished it. We’ve not decided on the next series to go headfirst into, just yet, but it’s The BCPF’s turn, so we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted, you know I will. Anywhat! I started getting tired. Walking all those steps and having a sinus problem will do that to you and like an old man, was in bed before 11pm on a Saturday night. I slept for 11 hours! That rarely happens. I can count on two hands how many times in my entire 45 years that is has ever happened. I guess I just needed it.

Today’s like Saturday Redux so I’m getting off here to enjoy it! Talk to you tomorrow, same blog channel…

Scorp out!

“Let it be known that the HOOTS BEER CO. is a mysterious brotherhood which concocts blue collar brews of unmatched character.” – Hoots website