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This past Monday ended the second week in Round 13 of “The Great The Less Desirables/Monday Morning 3AM Music Club Tap Takeover.” From now on, I’ll just call the this TLD/MM3AMMC. Before we continue, I’d like to congratulate KG Noble on her song, “There is No Destination” being the first week’s “featured song.”

A recap of how this works: So, on Monday morning around 8:30am or so, I go and listen to the submissions. Truth be known, I actually try to listen along the way.  But, I really listen at 8:30am. I look over the assignment, compare the lyrics and songs to that assignment and then pick the one that I think makes the best representation of the assignment’s rules.a2685756795_10

This week, the assignment was from Doug Davis: “Working as fast as we do, we concentrate on craft but don’t always have the time to try to tap into anything particularly deep and personal. Let’s change that this week. I’d like for you to try to express something honest and authentic about who you are and how you feel or what you believe this week. Doesn’t have to be deeply autobiographical or confessional; you can talk about how much you love ice cream, if you’d like. But if something were to happen to you next week, god forbid, and this was the last song you were to write, let it be said that this one communicated something authentic about who you are at this point in time.”

This week, all 10 songwriters made the cut.

The submissions are as follows:

  • Joshua West – “Whatever”
  • Clay Howard – “Hook It Up, Turn It On”
  • Doug Davis – “Note to Self: Remember When to Breathe”
  • AG Y’all (Anand Gan) – “The Lucky One”
  • G. Edward McBride – “Ragged Shoes”
  • Steve Willard – “The Weather”
  • Corky McClellan – “Find My Religion”
  • Patrick Ferguson – “Slight Shift”
  • KG Noble – “All That Matters”
  • Jerry Chapman – “Audience of One”

And the winner was… nah, you don’t get it that easy. I mean, I want you to listen to the whole show, right? So, you need to listen to find out who won. You can do that on The Less Desirables website, on iTunes, Stitcher or the newest addition, TuneIn. Or, I’ll save you the trouble and post it here, I’m good like that. And yes, there may be a reposting of this next Tuesday, you never know.


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Hook it up put it on. Feel those juices flowing now. Hook it up and put it on. You gotta turn it on, turn it on, turn it, turn, turn, turn, turn it on!” – “Hook It up, Turn It On” by Clay Howard (not necessarily the winner)