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Whew! What a hot, steamy, turbulent, but extremely awesome weekend it was was. There’s a lot I could talk about but today is Sunday, of the “Silent” variety and I’m just going to say, I love my friends. All of them, but today, I’m focusing the love on my Vagabond Saints Society friends. I will probably talk more about this tomorrow or the next few days but I want to thank Doug Davis, Jerry Chapman, Randall Johnson, Corky McClellan, Patrick Ferguson, Neal Goode and Karon Click for allowing me to be on stage with them. Also, I want to thank Tony Dagnall and Amanda Sullivan, Drew Hofmann, Brian Cole, Brian McCuiston, Lee Wallace, Bob Campbell, Jack Benedict, Marty Rogers, Chris Nelson and John McMillan for allowing me to share the stage with them. And thanks to The Garage (the Official Music Sponsor of The Less Desirables) for hosting us.

I’m just gonna leave this here for your consideration…

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife. And you may ask yourself, “well,how did I get here?” – “Once in a Lifetime” (Byrne, Harrison, Eno, Frantz, Weymouth)