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So, the first of “The Great TLD/MM3AMMC Musical Tap Takeover” happened this week. What does that mean? Well, if I have to explain, then it means you haven’t listened to the last two episodes of The Less Desirables. But, because I want you to know what it is, and the members of the conglomeration want you to know what it is, I’ll tell you. But, you should listen to the show! I demand it! Yeah, okay, sorry…a0362557440_10

First off, MM3AMMC means Monday Morning 3AM Music Club. It’s a project/experiment where songwriters hone their skills, with a little bit of competition, in writing a new song every week. Now, it’s not just as simple as writing a song. There’s a catch; a couple actually. First, you must have your song uploaded to the site by, you guessed it, 3am on Monday morning. Secondly, there are “assignments” that happen every week. I believe the songwriters are given the assignment on Monday, after the previous week’s deadline. If you don’t turn your song in, then you’re eliminated from the remaining weeks in the current round.

This past Monday was the first week in Round 13. There’s a few months worth of weeks in each round and usually about 12 people or so start each round. This week, two people didn’t get theirs in on time. That leaves 10. So, you’re asking, what does that have to do with me, right? Go ahead, ask me! I’ll tell you.

Doug Davis (yes, that Doug Davis) approached me to basically be a “judge” and award one songwriter an auxiliary music spot on The Less Desirables. Of course, many of the songwriters are pals of mine, and I am a fan of the project anyway, so I said, “definitely.” So, on Monday morning around 8:30am or so, I go and listen to the submissions. Truth be known, I actually try to listen along the way.  But, I really listen at 8:30am. I look over the assignment, compare the lyrics and songs to that assignment and then pick the one that I think makes the best representation of the assignment’s rules.

This week, the assignment was from Jerry Chapman (yes, that Jerry Chapman): “In honor of Georgia starting high school … Write a song to your high school self. Doesn’t have to be advice.”

The submissions were as follows:

  • Clay Howard – “Run Away (Get Out While You Can)”
  • Joshua West – “In Your Hands”
  • G. Edward McBride – “Sea of Stars”
  • AG Y’all (Anand Gan) – “It’s All Gonna Be All Right”
  • Doug Davis – “Back to the Well”
  • Corky McClellan – “Wait for the Internet”
  • Steve Willard – “It’s Gonna Be Alright”
  • Jerry Chapman – “Welcome to the Soundcheck”
  • Patrick Ferguson – “Just Move On”
  • KG Noble – “There is no Destination”

And the winner was… nah, you don’t get it that easy. I mean, I want you to listen to the whole show, right? So, you need to listen to find out who won. You can do that on The Less Desirables website, on iTunes, Stitcher or the newest addition, TuneIn. Or, I’ll save you the trouble and post it here, I’m good like that. And yes, there may be a reposting of this next Tuesday, you never know.


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“You look different, your name is ‘wierd.’ It’s all right. It’s all right.
Be a nerd or a bookworm girl. It’s all right. It’s all right, yeah.”
– “It’s All Gonna Be All Right” (Gan) (not necessarily the winner)