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Usually, I use Sundays to give a rundown of The BCPF’s and my weekend activities, but it was Father’s Day and I felt that more important. So let’s use today instead, okay? S’okay…? S’alright.

Friday, we decided that we hadn’t been to Meridian in a few weeks and we needed to jump on in there and have some groovy victuals and libations, just for the S’s & G’s of it! It was Friday and the week was long, let’s do it. We did. And, so did a shload of other folks. We were surrounded by a lot of IZOD shirts and sweater necklaces with people named “Biff” 13450224_10154111509150490_3565001001361978277_nand “Muffy” (there is no evidence to support those were remotely the right names of these people) who drank, ate and talked loudly whilst laughing from only one corner of their mouths. Now, truth be known, I’m making most of that up for effect, but let’s say the truth is, it just wasn’t our crowd. There was some event happening that night as everyone seemed to be staying at the Brookstown Inn right beside the restaurant. We, again, have no evidence to support what that event could be but, the guestimation is that it was about “Governor’s School” or something. Anywhat!

When it was painfully loud enough to have to leave, we bid adieu to Michele and Alli and went down the street to Willow’s, just to have a sangria (well, I did, The BCPF just had wine). Then home to watch a few eps of Mad Men, of which we’re almost finished. Good Friday night, noisy or not.

Saturday, were up and at Mary’s Gourmet Diner, which has become the unofficial “carb loader” for Team The Man Who Walked the Town on our Saturday jaunts. Loaded up on fuel and then walked down to Atelier on Trade, which like Mary’s is the unofficial “caffeinator” of said Team. Then it was a trip to The BCPF’s childhood stomping grounds in the Town and Country Estates neighborhood. You can read about that by reading THIS post. From there, we went to yet another “unofficial” which would be that of unofficial “tap” which is Hoots Roller Bar and Beer Company to have a Strawberry saison.

That night we had a blow out for dinner. We returned to The Katharine (you’ll remember I wrote about it on The Man Who Ate the Town just a few weeks ago, the review is HERE) and had drinks and delicious food which you’ll see pics of on Instagram. That was a great night.

Sunday, I had to wait on the DirecTV peeps to come out and install a new receiver for 3B’s room as his old one just gave up the ghost. Of course, they were late but once the tech got there it was pretty fast. 3B came and once the install was done, we ran out to have a Father’s Day Brunch at Mary’s. Then we ran to Pfafftown to visit The BCPF’s father’s grave so she could have a few minutes with him. Then we headed home to see Ma Père, where we got stuck for a bit working on technology that was trash to begin with (that’s code for TWC’s new and “improved” modem). It wasn’t getting stuck there, just the crapola equipment that I was annoyed with. Always them. I don’t get it.

But, we then took Ma Mère’s Ion Party Kicker to our house, put it outside, put out a few lawn chairs and a blanket and sat there with 3B, The BCPF and moi listening to music through the Kicker via Pandora. We started with some stuff that was too laid back for my tastes and changed to 90s Summer Rock (a compromise with The BCPF). We changed to Joni Mitchell and that lasted several hours. 3B went to the movies with Ma Mère and The BCPF had several beers and a whole bottle of wine just enjoying the beautiful afternoon/evening that it was. We stayed out there until 10:30 or so and watched the almost-full moon rise over the trees. That was truly my favorite part of the weekend. Just relaxing and taking it all in. And, anyone that knows me knows that I hate being outside, but with a little bit of bug spray, it was spectacular. I can’t wait to do it again.

Anyways, Dear Reader, I hope your weekend didn’t suck, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as great as mine, not that I’m bragging. Until tomorrow, same blog channel…

Scorp out!

“Another thing I like to do is sit back and take in nature… It’s very special to me.” – Larry Wilcox