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I’m always trying to find more platforms to expose The Less Desirables and The Beer Dads to. I think I’ve got the big ones covered, especially now that I have landed us on another.With TLD, I had us on iTunes from the beginning, at least from the early days. I had us on Podcast Pickle and Podfeed, soon after. Truthfully, Podfeed is a hot mess, although it’s still there. Podcast Pickle closed down in 2015. I wasn’t aware of that until this morning. I’ll remove that from the listings and from my spiel at the end of TLD.I TuneIn_Logo_2000pxhaven’t put The Beer Dads on those last two, and won’t for one of them, it seems.

Two years ago, I was able to get all three shows (including Fan Interference) on Stitcher, an on-demand internet radio service that focuses on news and information radio and podcasts. They take the feed, put it on their site and stream it from there. I know we’re with good company there: WTF! Podacst with Marc Maron, Joe Rogan, The Moth, NPR, BBC and so on.

So this week, I finally took the time to apply to get us on yet another big one, TuneIn. TuneIn is an internet radio platform that many of the big boys and even the little boys use to broadcast their wares. This is only the beginning. There’s several others that do this and I’m going to jump on those, too, for both TLD and TBD.

Now, you may ask why I’m not doing that for Fan Interference?  I’m not saying I’m not going to do that, but as of right now, we don’t keep a history of shows on Fan Interference. We only keep one episode on the server at a time. This is a relatively new thing because I have to conserve server space and really, Fan Interference is a very time sensitive podcast, it’s all fleeting and current. Yes, TLD uses some elements of “current events” but the guests (mostly community leaders and movers), movie reviews, the songs, etc. aren’t time sensitive. The Beer Dads are meant to be episodic and not serial. This means that each show is independent of the others. That’s not to say we won’t reference stuff that we’ve talked about in past episodes, however, you don’t have to listen to episode 1 for episode 66 (the current episode) to make sense. I’m trying to steer TLD in that direction, as well.

Anywhat! Just know that you can find any of our podcasts (including The Man Who Ate the Town) on any podcast platform as long as it can find the RSS feed for each and any of them. If you go to your favorite podcast directory and you can’t find us, let me know; let them know. I will be adding us to several other directory/platforms in the next few weeks. I know people are listening, the numbers show that. The “runner up” from Yes! Weekly show that, too.

As always, I appreciate you as a listener and a reader. I can’t express how much I appreciate it other than to continuously rain thanks upon you.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Voted the best pop culture podcast within a four block radius of Downtown Winston-Salem” – The Less Desirables