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Before I get into last week’s podcast, I have to toot my own horn a little. Well, not my horn, per se, but of The Less Desirables. Last Thursday, I received, in the mail, a certificate. It was from Yes! Weekly and I couldn’t figure out what it was about. I opened it and found out that TLD was a runner up in the Yes! Weekly Readers Poll in the category of Best Radio Show. I didn’t even know that the poll was happening. I know about the poll, of course, they do it every year, but I didn’t know it was currently happening. I don’t know 2016-06-08 21.49.16the criteria of how you make the “runners up” list but we were on it. And, to me, the most remarkable thing about being on that list is that I’m the only non-broadcast show. And, the only WSNC show.

The winners, of course, was Rock 92’s Two Guys Named Chris, of which co-host Chris Demm is a past guest on TLD. The other runners up were Jared and Katie on WKZL, The Brad & Britt Show (syndicated), Bobby Bones out of  Nashville (syndicated) and Blues Hangover which is on NC A&T’s 90.1 WNAA. So congratulations to all of the other runners up and 2Guys. I consider us lucky and honored to be among them. To be on this list, someone had to add us and vote for us. Again, I didn’t even know it was happening, so it wasn’t me begging for votes. Just makes me feel good about what we’re doing over here. Thank you, Triad and Yes! Weekly for that.

And since, we’re runners up and not winners, I think that makes us even more “less desirables.” So, from here on, and until I’m tired of saying it, I’m going to refer to The Less Desirables as the “Almost Award-Winning Podcast.”

Jason Anders, the developer and main-most-man at the new “counter culture magazine,” The Arrival Magazine, is on to talk about his new gig and pop culture with Caitlin, guest co-host Tammy Markland (a/k/a She’s Running with Scissors, A Cup of Sugar) and me. The mag only has one issue so far but it’s getting a good bit of recognition, according to the establishments that have the magazine in them. We hope Jason is able to keep this going, it’s a good mag.

TC of Fan Interference gives a rundown of the latest sports headlines including those of the NFL, NBA and MLB.

Caitlin, being the Dude-ess in charge of the Winston-Salem Jaycees, gives the DL on what the Young Professionals Organization is doing and how (and why) you should be part of it.

a/perture cinema presents the week in movies which includes what’s new to Netflix movies streaming (there wasn’t a lot) and my review of the classic film, The Hustler (1961).

Then it was time for our “almost true-to-life soap opera that practically writes itself,” As Ardmore Turns. And this week, it was a doozy. “Shorty” gets loose and so does “all Hell.” Just give it a listen, laugh, gasp and probably shake your head. It’s all entertaining.

The Garage presents the week in music including what was fresh and newly released on last Friday. Also, we hear a tune called “Get Up” from local bad arses Convicted Fate.

City Beverage presents the beer of the week, TropiCannon Citrus IPA from Heavy Seas Beer. It’s tasted and rated by CrewTLD!

I’d like to thank our sponsors Finnigan’s Wake, King’s Crab Shack & Oyster Bar, Washington Perk & Provision Company.

You can listen to the other “The Less Desirables Network” shows: the aforementioned Fan Interference and The Beer Dads (with The Man Who Ate the Town coming soon; after the move).

You can hear The Less Desirables on the website, iTunes and Stitcher (with more coming) OR you can just listen here. See how convenient that is?

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Did you mean to call me stingy? Or did you mean to try a different SAT word you don’t know the meaning of in order to attempt to make you sound more educated?” – Ashley, an Ardmore Resident