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Yesterday, something we never really thought we’d see, happened. What was it? Most everyone that knows my good buddy and former The Less Desirables co-host, Eugene, knows that he’s always said he wasn’t going to get married. At least, he didn’t plan to. Well, his significant other, Chigger (her TLD codename), aka Jamie won him over. She’s a saint and he knows it. They’ve been together for a long time now and he mentioned to me: well, she puts up with me and we’ve been together this long, why not?b1f93386-ba1f-4c0d-b5c7-6e0f1a930dff

Why not, indeed. So, let’s look back a few months and he asked me if I’d do the ceremony because, hey! I am an ordained minister. He said that Chigger, said that I needed to do it in my kilt and because I’l find any excuse to wear that heavy, hot and fun-to-wear garment, I agreed to do that. We’d get together and go over stuff, eh? Well…

Eug and Chigs have been really busy as of late. Eug’s place of employment is in the middle of a corporate move and Eug and Chigs have been in the process of their own move. They moved from King, NC to Clemmons, NC, but it’s more like Welcome. Anyone who has moved knows that it’s a tedious and time-consuming process to move and prepare your old house for someone else to move into it. They didn’t really have time to go over what they were looking for in a ceremony, what they expected to say or anything. Chigs and I talked briefly via Facebook about what she wanted and then Eug and I texted back and forth. Short, sweet, to the point, maybe insert a joke here and there. That’s it.

So, enter my much better half, The BCPF. She and I are collaborators on nearly every, single thing I do, no matter the scope. So, we formulated their entire ceremony from scratch. That’s mostly true. We actually took our wedding vows and structure, along with the organization that ordained me’s suggested guidelines and manipulated them into what we thought would be a good ceremony. We used options given to us by the country of Scotland for our own ceremony (yes, we keep that stuff) and found what worked better for the Sims’ wedding. Knowing him and calling him my best friend and “brother” for so long really helped in knowing what would work for him and her. So, we spent an hour/hour and a half and came up with what we did.

I got to throw in a few lines of my own. Mentioning the fact that “everyone thought it would never happen,” along with a joke about me giving him away after 20 years and then telling Jamie she may kiss her husband, it was all light-hearted and fun, I think. I had a good time doing it and they seemed very pleased with it.

Oh, did I mention that Chigs walked out to the “The Wedding March” from the Flash Gordon (Queen) soundtrack? Yep, she did. It was righteous! And, they were married at their new home right by the swimming pool, surrounded by many friends and family. That, too was righteous.

So, many congratulations to Eugene and Jamie Sims as they start a new chapter in their lives and thank you both, so very much, for allowing me to be part of it, in such a huge way. That’s awesome, to me.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Strange to see what delight we married people have to see these poor fools decoyed into our condition.” – Samuel Pepys