It seems like yesterday when I was taking 3B to his first day of Kindergarten. “It seems like yesterday” is a cliche that I find myself using a good bit and I knew it was coming, when it comes to him. From the moment I realized one year had passed to today when I realized I was watching my boy graduate from the 8th Grade.2016-06-10 15.27.32

Now, I know 8th Grade isn’t as big and lucrative as high school graduation, but it’s still a big deal and really, there’s a good chance many of those that are graduating today won’t graduate high school. Here’s hoping that 3B stays the course of school and starts to do a little better at it. Because right now, I’m just glad he got to graduate 8th Grade. I didn’t know if he was going to make out.

But, if I’m writing this, I guess he did. The next four years are going to be rough for him, I believe. Only because he isn’t the “go-getter” type and he’s not caring about much schooling. I’m hoping something snaps and he realized, dang! I need to buckle down! We can hope, right? Anyway, son, I’m proud of you and here’s hoping that you get what you out of life and that you do what you’re supposed to! I love you, man!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“When I was in the eighth grade, I wrote this huge long paper about how I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life, but that I wanted to make a difference and touch even if it was like one person’s life… inspire them.” – Shantel VanSanten