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BOYWTIt’s been a while since I’ve posted about travel. I recently sent my client, and friend, Tim Beauregard and his girlfriend Andrea to Cancun, Mexico for a well-deserved vacation. Tim and Andrea stayed at El Dorado Royale and loved it there. Tim sent me a commendation and with his permission, I want to share it with you. Note: He uses my real name, if you didn’t know it, already.

Tim And Andrea2

©Tim Beauregard

It is my pleasure to recommend Tim Beeman and his travel agency “Bee On You Way [Travel]” for anyone wishing to make a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Let me share my experience.

When it was decided that my girlfriend and I were going to go to Cancun for a 1 week vacation, I did not wish to do any planning…I wanted to just relax. My girlfriend felt that she should do a lot of research and plan the best possible week. We contacted Tim to look into possibilities for us. My only request was a 1 day excursion to Chichen Itza. Tim found a resort for us, El Dorado Royale, for a 1 week stay and gave us two options.

Tim and Andrea

©Tim Beauregard

My girlfriend researched El Dorado Royal online and strongly desired a suite called a “Swim-Up Suite”. I felt this was not a necessity, however, she truly wanted it. We communicated this to Tim and he quickly and pleasantly set up a reservation for us. He reminded us, with plenty of time, that we would need passports, so we took care of that with time to spare.

El Dorado Royale is a paradise, and we felt it was the perfect choice for us. Every aspect of our trip was simple and straight forward. The people were pleasant, the resort was beautiful, and the amenities were all we needed and more. It was only at the end of the week that my girlfriend said we really didn’t need or use the swim-up suite. We spent a great deal of time at the beach, or having a meal, or sleeping.

My vacation was perfect. It was very little hassle as Tim did all the leg work that I did not wish to do. If you want to spend a week or more in paradise, contact Tim Beeman.

Thank you, Tim. It was a pleasure to serve you! It also made me want to travel to the


©El Dorado Spa Resorts

resort. Maybe in the future, for The BCPF and me? Let’s hope.

If you, Dear Reader, are interested in being sent to your paradise (even if that’s a concrete paradise in Europe, a river cruise in the paradise of fairy tales, a paradise in Iceland or Antarctica) I’ll send you there. I’ll send you anywhere in the world. Contact me or visit my website to book your own. I’d prefer to help you personally, but if you just need a flight, or a hotel, perhaps a rental car and need to do it on the fly? You can get comparable prices to all the big online travel agencies and it helps someone that you know and love (that would be me). Let me know how I can help you with any of your travel needs. Let me help turn your dreams into memories.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“My vacation was perfect.” – Tim Beauregard