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It was a really good The Less Desirables this past week. We had a special guest co-host by way of the Piedmont Wind Symphony: Director/conductor, Matthew Troy was sitting in with us to while we had all-around movie guru, Dale M. Pollock on the show. Dale and Matt helped us talk a lot about films and some history of the industry and Dale’s history in the industry, from producing to his work at UNCSA. He’s a pretty righteous dude.17ae1e40-1876-48ef-924e-bea5f3a7f53f

Speaking of movies, a/perture cinema presented the week in movies with us talking about the very few new items coming to Netflix Movies Streaming for the week and Dale, along with some commentary from me, reviewed Patton which I posted a full review on this blog this past Saturday. You can read that HERE.

Then we presented our “almost true-to-life soap opera that practically writes itself,” As Ardmore Turns. This week a wayward resident lost his way home due to someone eating his sweet trail and then someone went on about how they hear the now-all-too-familiar sounds of booms around the neighborhood, only to find out it wasn’t where we thought it was.

Fan Interference Podcast’s very own Ty Collins gives the latest in sports headline as well as rumors and such. Still the meat of the NBA playoffs and now, we’ve moved into the finals. Check out our sister show HERE.

Our Winston-Salem Jaycees connection (and their president) Caitlin sends out the call for volunteers at the two wine festivals, one this past weekend and one this coming weekend. If you didn’t know about it, you missed this past one, but there’s still time for the one this weekend.

The Garage presents the week in music featuring what’s coming in new releases and a tune from our old friends, Drat the Luck. Mr. Troy talked about the show that the Piedmont Wind Symphony has coming up this Thursday, June 2, called Gerswhin: A Life in Rhapsody, which will feature the original arrangement of “Rhapsody in Blue” from Gershwin. You can get tix HERE.

City Beverage presented the beer of the week, Eliot Ness Amber Lager from Great Lakes Brewing Company. I’d say we dug it. It was/is good stuff.

We’d like to also thank our sponsors: Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub & Kitchen, King’s Crab Shack & Oyster Bar and Washington Perk and Provision Company.

We do this crazy podcast once a week, recording it on Wednesday and having it available, usually by 10:30pm or so. You can listen for FREE on the website, iTunes or Stitcher (or anywhere else you listen to podcasts). But, I’ll do you one better… I’ll leave it here for you to listen to. How about that?

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Did Ryan ever find his way home?!? The World May Never Know…” – Announcer, As Ardmore Turns