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I’ve been called a tease on here and, you know what? I’m going to continue that tradition right now. Yesterday was a big day for me and my business(es). I had a few meetings, conversations and reflections.

I got some travel stuff done that was in dire need of work and got that taken care of. Did the social media for The Less Desirables, my job for Thursday mornings. It’s how I start my day. Then I prod along on social media seeing what I can drum up for myself. I’ve been TEASE_LIGHTShappy with the reaction about the video for Mike’s Week. Good stuff, there. Hopefully, that will garner a little attention for The Man Who Ate the Town.

I had a good lunch meeting and some interesting ideas about the future of the podcast business were discussed. We’ll have another meeting about that to see what will come of it. I want to make sure I got the gist of what was being talked about. Of course, while the ultimate decision comes down to me, I have others involved that I need to confer with, but I want to make sure that the initial conversation is elaborated on a bit, first. All parties could stand to have some success together. I’d welcome success. Especially, when it may go along with what I’ve been wanting to do with TLD since its very slim beginnings. Well, we’ll see on that one. Tease enough?

I don’t really know what more I can say because a lot of stuff is on the down low. I can say that some things are happening, I just can’t say what for sure. I know that’s wrong and, perhaps, unfair, but what the heck? I am a tease. It fits right there alongside my beer snobbery and contrary demeanor, right? Deal with it. I love you.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Personally, I just tease people a lot.” – Alex Meraz