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As you may know, because I talked about it on The Man Who Ate the Town food blog, the amazing restaurateurs and lovers of everything downtown WSNC came together the week of April 23-30 to support Mike Rothman, the owner of Skippy’s Hot Dogs in Winston-Salem, who is battling brain cancer. They sold 13,009 hot dogs (17 of which were consumed by me… yeah, I know, I know). They raised around $111,000. That’s an amazing feat.skippys

Yes, I know this is a food issue and I usually do those things first on TMWATT but this isn’t about the food so much, today. I was asked by Dana Moody, of West End Coffeehouse, to document the whole thing and prepare something to give to Mike as a commemoration of the week’s events. So, I went twice a day every day (except Thursday, I only went once) to film all the hard work each shift was doing, their volunteers, and the hungry and charitable folks that ate and donated to the cause.

I took an hour or so of footage and and then visited several of the restaurateurs to get private messages from them, directly to Mike. I was able to whittle that down to a video that was just over 23 minutes long. That’s a huge file. In order to get it to Mike, I decided to upload the video to YouTube as an unlisted video. You can only see it if you have the URL. My plan is to let Mike see it and if he deems it so, I’ll post it for the public’s eye. This is, first and foremost, Mike’s video and if he thinks it’s not something he wants put out there, then it won’t be made public.

I’m proud to have been part of the process and the event itself. I’m proud of my community. Thank you so much to those that participated, no matter your role.  Stay tuned and if Mike gives the go ahead, I’ll post the video. If not, I’ll just say, I was proud of it.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

““Restaurant people in this town are very supportive of each other. People don’t realize how special that is.” – Claire Calvin (in an interview with Winston-Salem Journal)