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“Time’s fun when you’re having flies,” I always say. And whilst I do agree that I have fun and enjoy what I do so very much, it’s getting hectic, loaded and difficult. All that, whilst I’m looking for even more to do. How is that? Why is that? I’m a work-load masochist, I guess.

Yesterday, my post was actually posted after midnight and while I technically didn’t post yesterday, I did post for yesterday. I needed the day off, really. The BCPF and I spent someimages of the day at Skippy’s Hot Dogs, doing the video thing for Mike Rothman’s benefit and the Downtown Restaurant All-Stars; also feeding ourselves and 3B in the late session. But, we spent a lot of time sitting and watching Mad Men. I’ve seen it all the way through, The BCPF hasn’t, so we’re watching it now. I love that show and she seems to really dig it, too. But, it wasn’t until about midnight, as I was creating scheduled posts for the Skippy’s project that I realized I hadn’t written a “Silent Sunday” post.

Today, working at Mes ‘Rent’s biz, I meant to write today’s but got busy in the office. Then I came down to do the video for the morning shift at Skippy’s and grab lunch (8 hot dogs in 2.5 days… whoa) and the line was so long that after my video, I was in line around 45 minutes. It made me late to record the openings for Fan Interference and I got that in, just in time. Then I had to record Fan Interference. Then I recorded the week’s As Ardmore Turns  for The Less Desirables. I still have to edit that but, I wanted to get the bulk of the stuff out of the way. Then, I had time to write for today. I have three calls in the “queue” to make. And have to video the evening shift in a little bit. That’s all just today. Here, there, back, forth, up, down, all around. And I love every danged bit of it. I’m a strong camel in Camel City. Pile more straws on, please.

Go to Skippy’s, again, and grab a great dog for a great cause. Listen to my shows. I thank you for that.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing? Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago? Where have all the flowers gone? Young girls have picked them everyone. Oh, when will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn?” – “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” (Seeger)