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Every year, I go into some big long storytelling session about what happened on this day a few years back. I’m not going to do that this year. There’s archives now, either on here on this blog or on Facebook.  I’m going to try to talk briefly about it, instead.

It started in mid-February, 2012; these weird tingling sensations in my left arm. Not pain, per se, tingles. It was like if you fall asleep with your arm off the side of the bed and you Tim After Surgeryhyper-extend it around the elbow and it aches. That’s what it started as, except I was awake, up and about. It started to stand out on March 10. I was playing a memorial for an acquaintance that had recently passed away.  Moving that equipment around and exerting myself brought a little more intensity to the tingles.

I was going to Florida with 3B and The BCPF to graduate college. I told The BCPF about it for the first time. The plane ride for that was okay but the hurrying to get to the plane was rough. It was the first time, really, that it was more than tingling. It was pain, pure and simple. That intensified over the weekend, including The BCPF’s birthday. Sorry babe.

Fast forward, got checked. I had to have surgery. And I did. It was over two weeks past when all the tests were run and The BCPF was more upset about that than I was. Then it was to happen on a Tuesday. I went for pre-op on Monday, but was told that my surgery had been moved to Wednesday due to someone else needing emergency surgery. That was a bit nerve-wracking but I’d have wanted someone to give up a spot for me if I needed it. Anyway, I went to sleep around 7 or 8 Wednesday morning, April 18, and actually, fully woke up sometime Thursday, I think. That’s kind of a blur for me, you understand? They wheeled me to my room where 3B and my parents were waiting to see me. I couldn’t resist taking a selfie when I got to the room. I use this picture every time, so why not one more time?

Anywhat! I call this my “second birthday” and today is my fourth. I am glad to be here. I am thankful to all my family for their love. I am thankful to my friends for their support. I am thankful to my son for not giving me a true heart attack (I’m kidding), he’s a good kid. I am thankful to Dr. Borchelt and all the staff at Forsyth Hospital. They made everything as comfortable as they possibly could and Dr. Borchelt fixed me right. I am thankful to anyone I missed that is involved in my life. And, I am especially thankful to the love of my life, The BCPF. Without her, I’m sure I’d not be here to write this blog everyday, do the podcasts that I do, or live our life the way we do. She keeps me grounded and “in-line.” I ain’t a-skeert of saying that. I love all of you.

So happy Fourth Second Birthday to me. Okay, this was longer than I expected. I didn’t want to get all mushy like I usually do. But, I just wanted to touch on it. I apologize, but have a great day.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James