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Friday night was a blast! As Media Sponsor for RiverRun International Film Festival, I get passes to almost all of the parties and events. We decided that Friday, we were going to go the cocktail reception event that happened almost every night of the festival, get a drink or three and what was going on and see who we knew. We met up with our pals the Dyers and their friend Nancy. I asked what they were doing and they said going to the pass


L to R: The BCPF, Tom, Robin, Nancy, me Photo© Tom

holder’s lounge and then to the Spark party. Cool, we didn’t have plans so we’d go to the pass holder’s lounge with them and check to see if my credentials got me into the Spark party.

The pass holder’s lounge is actually RiverRun’s office which happens to be in the same building (currently) as The Less Desirables Studios. I like free beer, and it’s a decent beer, but I was kind of over with Stella. I invited the Dyers and Nancy to head down and raid the TLD fridge for some craft brews, instead. We all went down, The BCPF took her wine down and we all sat in the studio drinking beer. I needed to clear room in that fridge anyways. Nancy went back up to RiverRun to fill The BCPF’s glass and when she came back (I had to let her in), she had gained a friend along the way. His name was Nathan and he’s a film maker that was involved with the film. So, he wanted to eat his salad and we gave him a beer. Turns out he’s a bass player, he handed me a pick that had his name and such on it, kind of like his business card. Cool stuff. I’m a bass player and we left it at that. Spark party happened and we took turns hanging in the photo booth getting a bit tipsy and having a good time.

Saturday, The BCPF and I had to get to our accountant’s office to sign our e-file forms for taxes. We then went into downtown WSNC and I took her to Eclectibles Shop, a little antiques/bookstore/and curiosity shop. The BCPF loves stuff like that and I heard they had


Nathan East. Photo©RiverRun

vinyl in the basement. I didn’t buy vinyl, but I did purchase three songbooks. One was the original Broadway edition, vocal and instrumental, score for Grease, the Phil Collins Anthology and “Songs from the 70s.” We then had breakfast at Mary’s Gourmet Diner and walked around downtown a bit. We stopped at the Artivity on the Green and sat on a bench watching people enjoying the park. I know I’ve said it before, but I really want to retract my statement about not like it. I see the people enjoying it, the wonder they have about and what it does for the community. It’s alright in my book. Then we went home for a while before having dinner at DiLisio’s Italian Restaurant. Then, we went back home and watched the rest of the first season of  Mad Men, our latest binge.

After about 1am, The BCPF had had enough and went to bed. I put on my headphones, cranked up Rhapsody and went through some Phil Collins songs. One of my favorite songs is “Easy Lover” by Collins and Philip Bailey. As I was looking at the songwriting credits, it said it was written by Phil Collins, Philip Bailey and Nathan East. Hmmm. Why does that name sound so familiar to me? Nathan East. Hey! Wait a minute. I looked up Nathan East on Wikipedia and who do I see there? The same Nathan that was just a little over 24 hours prior, sitting in my studio drinking one of my beers with me and the gang. So, I had someone who has platinum albums (with Fourplay), has written songs with Phil Collins (and Philip Bailey), toured with Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Loeb and Ray Parker, Jr. in my studio, eating a salad and drinking my beer. He’s also toured with Eric Clapton and is the bass player featured on the famous MTV Unplugged featuring Eric Clapton. Whoa! And, I had no idea who he was, then. Still, it was awesome after the fact, too.

So my weekend was great. How was yours?

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“She’ll get a hold on you believe it.” – “Easy Lover” (Collins/Bailey/East)