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I eluded to having to start doing As Ardmore Turns for The Less Desirables, yesterday. And, that’s true. Whilst we did talk about it on The Less Desirables, I haven’t really said much about this. “This” is that my good pal and co-host, Bruce Cole, he that I call “the Right Reverend Cool,” is leaving the show, actually has left the show. There was no falling out or anything crazy. It’s a bittersweet situation, really.


Bruce and me at US Cellular Field

Bruce moved here about a year ago, without his wife, who was supposed to follow him after about three-to-six months, enough time to get her affairs in order, sell the house and find a job here in good ol’ WSNC. Obviously, if he moved here a year ago and she isn’t here, then that plan didn’t come to fruition. Mrs. “Cool’s” parents were both going through some bad health situations. That has kept her pretty busy and she just can’t get away, and who can blame her? If either of Mes ‘Rents were going through the things they are, then I’d be right there with them the whole time.

Bruce has been here trying to get the Arts District Church going, and get it going he did. The folks that attended it really seemed to agree. I was even there for the first one, and we know that I’m non-religious. His time with radio (many years) and the fact that we get along so well made him a shoo-in for The Less Desirables when Eugene left. I hope he is okay with me saying this, as he said it on the show last week, but I could tell that he’s been missing her a lot. He’d be able to go back to Chicago to spend time with her and she came here to spend time with her, but they were having to live apart and you can tell that they love each other.

But, as I said, he’s been missing her, tremendously. I get very little time with The BCPF from Monday to Wednesday and what time I do get it’s usually with other folks. We love spending time with our friends and we wouldn’t change that for the world. That’s just the life that we know we have to live for me to do what I do the way I do. But, I still get to lie next to her at night. Then, I get Thursday-Sunday with her during the evenings and weekends. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for someone to be away from the one they love for that long, that often.

Plus, with all the things she’s having to go through, he knows he can’t let her do that alone. I think that’s greatly admirable. He’s going home to be there for her support, to be hers, for her peace of mind and certainly for his. If things improve or change, I can definitely see them moving here. But, right now, it’s blatantly apparent that he belongs right by her side and she belongs with her parents. So, he’ll be right where he belongs. I can say I hate to see him go, and that would be the honest truth. But, I had to see him struggle with that decision and not acting on it.

Back to As Ardmore Turns. It has brought a lot of new listeners to the show. It’s the hit of the whole thing. Bruce made it what it was. With him leaving, he has given me the opportunity to “babysit his baby.” I’m going to approach it a little bit differently. You’ll have to listen to hear how that way is. I can’t match him so I have to do it my way. Here’s hoping you like it.

Bruce, I love you, brother. I am proud to be your friend and I’m proud that you’re taking care of yours. I know you’ll have opportunities to visit and any Wednesdays you’re around, stop by! Otherwise, we have Skype and Atelier on Trade when you’re here.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“And now it’s time for the latest episode in our almost true-to-life sopa opera that practically writes itself.”As Ardmore Turns