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Are you hankering for a load of food truck goodness? How about some local live music on a brisk day to warm the cockles of your heart? If either of those things are what you’re looking for this weekend, then I think you’re in good shape.

The 4th Annual Burke Street Food Truck Festival is this Saturday, April 9, from 3-8pm, for the general public. There is also a VIP option that allows you to start at 2pm, have access to the trucks and worry about less of a crowd. And, speaking of crowds, last year, the big complaints were long lines, too big a crowd, food trucks running out of food and not enough bathroom access. Well, this year, I think they have you covered.12373190_847040835393468_1746147858900765342_n

Last year, there were 30 food trucks. This year? 61. There will be more trucks, more food options and a larger event footprint. What had ended at Brookstown, will now extend to Fourth and even onto Brookstown itself. The VIP access costs $20 per person, but that’s limited to 500 people. So, 500 may sound like a lot of people, but last year, with only 30 trucks, 12,000-15,000 attended. With 61 trucks and a larger footprint and you’ll feel like you have room to stretch about with only 500. That’s an hour earlier that you’ll have access to the food.

But, wait, there’s more! There will be two stages with entertainment at the event. One on the Fourth Street side and one on the Fourth Street side. Make sense? Yeah, well this town is weird with roads. There’s the Fourth Street “downtown” end where companies like Underdog Records, Olde Fourth Street Filling Station and Mozelle’s is, and then there’s the Fourth Street that crosses First Street, intersects with West End Blvd and makes Burke Street. Whew!! So, think of it this way. One stage at Burke Street Comics (Second Stage), one stage at Old Winston Social Club (Main Stage). Totally different ends of the spectrum. The Second Stage is a singer/songwriters stage and I’m not sure who’s slated to be on that one. But on the main stage, from 4-8pm we have Suitcase, Wafer Thin and Luxuriant Sedans (in that order). Great bands, all around.

But, again, wait, there’s more! There is a pretty cool, yet big, hairy and all-around swell guy that is going to emcee the festivities on the main stage. Remarkable he looks a lot like me. That’s right, boys and girls, I will be emceeing the main stage festivities. I’ll be representing myself, The Less Desirables Network and The Man Who Ate the Town food blog. So, come out and have some great food, beer and be entertained. You’ll enjoy it. Come up and say hey to me!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“In addition to 61 food trucks, the festival will include art vendors, 2 live music stages, The Winston-Salem Dash Kids Area, table seating, on street beverage stations, and more! The food trucks will be representing a variety of North Carolina cities and global cuisines, including some vegetarian and gluten-free options.” – 4th Annual Burke Street Food Truck Festival