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If you listen to The Less Desirables, and I’m sure that you absolutely do, religiously, actually, then you have, undoubtedly, heard the little intro to the “Current/Non-Current Movie of the Week.” And, when you’ve heard that, I’m sure that you’re thinking to yourself, what the heck does that even mean? Well, I get that. I’m going to tell you the history of it and why, so far, it hasn’t changed.

I will start off by saying that it is going to change. The “voice of The Less Desirables” is getting ready to jump into the “married” column and hopefully she’ll be able to fit me into her busy schedule and we can get her in the studio and record all new voice overs, for the entire podcast. So, know, Dear Reader, that a change is a-comin’.

So, when Brian Attridge and I first started this roller coaster, the idea was to have a little bit of music (old and new) and sports talk. It morphed a little bit to include beer and technology and I started talking about what was coming out on DVD/Blu Ray and then, because I 08c6c-tldwas watching a lot of movies at the time (I was still doing the 400 nominees for AFI’s “America’s Greatest Movies” 100 Years 100 Movies the 2007 edition), I just threw out some half-tailed review of whatever film it was that I just watched or recently so. I really don’t like going to the theaters much. I do go to a/perture cinema some and that’s my cinema of choice and not just because they’re the Official Movies Sponsor of The Less Desirables, but because it’s a smaller venue, more quaint and there’s alcohol.

Well, since I don’t like sitting in the dark with a ton of people I don’t know, my preference is to watch films at home. I have a big screen TV a great sound system and my own alcohol at home. I can pause and go to the bathroom when I want/need and don’t have to see others looking at their phones while the film is going on. And, yes, I can look at mine and not care about bothering anyone else (I’m constantly at work). All that being said, when I did my reviews it was about a movie that wasn’t in the theater, so it wasn’t “current.” However, it was what I had currently watched. This being the case, I started jokingly calling the segment my “current/non-current movie of the week.”

When we were able to do sound effects, bumpers and intros, I recorded that with some goofball bouncy music behind it and that was that. It was a joke but it was true. When Eugene came along he questioned it and said that we were being childish and that we were using an inside joke that was “too cool for the room” or some other something he always said to jab at me. I do, however, get that it has grown old and quite outdated. The whole roster of intros for the show have. We’ve used the same ones for almost five years.

It’s pretty bad when the opening intro still has Brian’s name in it and he’s been gone from the show since late 2014 and Eugene’s was never put on there. And for sports, it still says Brian although TC from Fan Interference has been doing a sports report for about the last year. “Caitlin’s Bowl o’Stuffs,” “Bruce’s Top-Ish” and “As Ardmore Turns” is just me announcing that’s what we’re doing. I feel like I’ve let Caitlin and Bruce down and I especially feel like I let Eugene down because he was so vital to the show for so long but rarely got an intro mention, except for the TV section, that, as of now, we don’t do any longer. Heck, as much as I love the intro for the Beer of the Week and what it means and why it is what it is (that’s a story for another day), I want to change that, too.

Soon, though, the show intro will be changed. All new intros to the segments for movies, music, sports, beer, Caitlin, Bruce, “AAT” are on their way, too. The music behind them, the ideas behind them, all of that will be new again, soon. The show has taken a fresh, new turn. I feel the elements that made it what it was is keeping it from being the best it is. The one thing that won’t change? Well… two things. The actual intro music (“The Bullet”), was written by me and I plan on continuing to use that, but it may be shortened at the beginning. I’m working that out. The other thing is at the very end, our show disclaimer (“the views and opinions of this podcast…”) will remain there. Brian and I recorded that on our very first podcast night and placed it at the end and it has appeared on 316 out of 318 shows we’ve ever done. The only two exceptions were the two weeks when we had to record at 600 WSJS because our computer was stolen and I didn’t have access to it (it was stored on an external drive).

So, Dear Reader, be on the lookout (or listen-out?) for the new intros to make their debut, hopefully, within the next month. We’re reaching upwards and we’ll be reflecting that in our production. It’s going to be awesome! As always, thank you for listening and supporting our “little podcast that could.”

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw