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City Beverage, the Official Beer Sponsor of The Less Desirables, presents The Less Desirables Beer of the Week: Roundhouse Robust Porter by New Sarum – Salisbury Brewing Company from Salisbury, NC.

I’ve not had this beer but I have had something from the brewery, just this week. I had the Hurley Park Blood Orange Wheat on The Beer Dads and I must say, if the Roundhouse Robust Porter is just a fraction of delicious as the Hurley Park, then I’m going to be ae149081f-60d8-40de-b1fc-2200e4daa861 smiley, happy man. Porters are my favorite style of beer anyway and as much as I loved the wheat, this has to be awesome. New Sarum is brand spanking new, well around since 2012, but outside of their place, they’re new. I’ll tell you how new, in fact. I said I haven’t had this beer and I wasn’t lying, at least in the mode of drinking it. I have “had” it for a week now. I have a can of Roundhouse that Spencer gave me last week. I haven’t opened it and I realize that I’m running the risk of it exploding (because it’s unpasteurized and sometimes they can do that if not cold) but on the bottom it is stamped with “Batch #1 #FirstCan.” So, I figure I have a collector’s item. If it’s not exploded after a week of being room temp, I figure it’s not going to.

BeerAdvocate has no record of it, yet. There’s an entry with one “had” but no actual ratings. Untappd has it at 4 caps out of 5. It’s a wonderful round number of 7%ABV so that looks extra yummy to me. You should tune in to see what Caitlin, Bruce, the rep from RiverRun International Film Festival and I think of this beer. Also, go grab a sixer from Spencer and co at City Beverage. Have you had it? Let us know what you think of it!

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Scorp out!

“Our challenge is to refashion historical methods of creating consistent quality handcrafted beer in an old meets new style with modern ingredients, this results in a unique blend of bold flavors with a classic touch, our full-body beers are created in a consistently high quality standard that sets us apart from the competition.” New Sarum website