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It looks like things are afoot in the little neighborhood of Ardmore, kiddies! And it looks like The Less Desirables done gone and got themselves a little hit feature. Not getting what I’m saying? Well, let me clear things up. Let me first take you back to November, 2015, Dear Reader.

In November, we lost Eugene on The Less Desirables to life and work and what all. Enter our newest co-host, Bruce “Rock and Roll” Cole! Bruce has had many years in radio and ended up back in our fair city on the “golden oldies” station WTOB before they ran south of the border. During his tenure on WTOB he introduced a little segment called “As ardmoreturnsArdmore Turns.” “AAT” was spawned from the Ardmore Neighborhood Facebook page and the sometimes nonsensical banter that goes on between members of the page. It’s fun. It’s hilarious. It’s a real-life soap opera at times. Sometimes the cheesy gooey kind like Days of Our Lives and sometimes the steamy sultry kind like a Dallas or Melrose Place. In fact, one of the streets in that neighborhood is Melrose Street. Go figure.

Anywhat! Last week, since The Right Reverend Cool is now part of The Less Desirables, and because people have been expressing their want of it and requesting it, we reintroduced “As Ardmore Turns” to the “airwaves” as the newest segment of The Less Desirables podcast. This is only the second week we’ve done it and the response has already been really upbeat and positive. Bruce seems happy to bring it back, Caitlin and I have been laughing our arses off and the Ardmore page is reacting. That’s what we want, right? Reaction. So bully for us!

You should tune in to the podcast which can be found on the website, iTunes and Stitcher. We hope you like it as much as we like bringing it to you! Thank you, Bruce, for bringing this bit of loveliness to our fold.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Anyone else’s water smell strange?” – Ardmore Neighborhood Resident