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I thought there was a lull in the losses but it seems that death has come to take a load more. This is the latest in the “Notable Names to the Great Wherever.” A reminder that this is not a complete list, it’s just a rehashing.300x300

Paul Kantner, 74, American musician (Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship)
Signe Toly Anderson, 74, American singer (Jefferson Airplane) Oddly enough she and Kantner died the same exact day.
Rusty Rose, 74, American entrepreneur, former owner of the Texas Rangers until 1997.
Billy Faier, 85, American banjo player
Karen Johnson Boyd, 91, American heiress and philanthropist
Georgia Davis Powers, 92, American civil rights activist and politician
Maikhail Miller, 23, American football player (Murray State, Ole Miss)
Frank Finlay, 89, English actor (Othello, The Pianist, Bouquet of Barbed Wire)
Jon Bunch, 45, American rock musician (Sense Field, Further Seems Forever)
Bob Elliott, 92, American comedian (Bob and Ray) and actor (Get a Life), throat cancer
Big Kap, 45, American hip hop DJ (Tunnel)
Joe Alaskey, 63, American voice actor (Looney Tunes, Rugrats, Casper)
Axl Rotten, 44, American professional wrestler (ECW)
Dave Mirra, 41, American BMX rider, suicide by gunshot
Joe Dowell, 76, American pop singer (Wooden Heart)
Katie May, 34, American model and social media personality.

Then, there’s Maurice White, 74, American singer-songwriter (“September”) and musician (Earth, Wind & Fire). What little bit I know of Earth, Wind & Fire, I would say that I was always a Philip Bailey fan (anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of high pitched funk, soul and disco from the 70s. But, Maurice White was the founder of the band and was very important, not just in that aspect but he lent his voice and songwriting talents to many of the band’s tunes and he was the producer to most of the albums. A true talent, indeed.

So, even though I’m posting this on Friday, February 5, at 12 noon. I wrote it at midnight twenty-two and they way this year is already going, there may be some additions that I haven’t happened or been reported as of yet. That being said, my current count for this year, those that I have reported at least, is at eighty-two “notable name” deaths in 2016. Five days in the second month. That’s just a lot of people. Probably no more than normal, but I suppose there are more marquee names this time. More people that we’re used to hearing about. Well, it’s useless to ask Lady Death to skip over our heroes, our celebrities, our notorious, so I won’t. Let’s keep them minimal, though, okay? RIP y’all.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Let this groove get you to move, It’s alright (alright) alright. Let this groove set in your shoes, so stand up (alright) alright” – “Let’s Groove” (White/Vaughn)