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You knew it was coming; this tribute to the “wake” of David Bowie from The Vagabond Saints Society. I had a great time and want to thank my fellow performers for allowing me to share the stage with them. First and foremost I want to thank Doug Davis, Jerry Chapman, Randall Johnson and Corky McClellan for being the core that holds us together. I also want to thank my close musical friends, Clay Howard, Patrick Ferguson, Neal Goode, Lee & Susan Terry, Nick, Chobey and Charlie from Gulley, Les Slate, Stephen Corbett, Jeffrey Dean Foster, Susan Snow, Drew Hofmann and Todd Verts for 2016-01-31 11.58.32always being fantastic pals to hang with and enjoy each others’ company and talents. Most of us are together for most of these VSS shows.

Thanks to Lauren Myers, Eddie Garcia and Michael Wilcox because you’re definitely (Vagabond Saints) Socialites, we just don’t see you as often as we should! Lee Wallace and Marty Rogers (I believe you’ve both done VSS shows before, I know Lee shared the stage with me for the XTC show at Cat’s Cradle), glad you’re here. To new recruits: Jonathan Dale Walker, Jim Wheeler, Andy Gerber, Whit Pitcher, Stephanie and Mike Princip, Todd’s Delta Monks, Dan Greene, Carl Haigler (how did I not know you sang?) and Jill “You’re an Awesome Ziggy” Martin-Byers, welcome to the fold. I’m glad to have either met you for the first time or see you again!

To Tucker Tharpe for being a gracious host and having an awesome club (and being the Official Music Sponsor of The Less Desirables), I thank you. Ian Butera, for never letting my cup (or water bottle) run dry and always making them delicious and just being the coolest cat in the room, I thank you. Brian Doub (for making us all sound amazing, especially under such difficult circumstances), I thank you. The entire staff of The Garage, whether there tonight or not, so much thanks to you.

To the people of the audience who came out to a) support local music, b) support The Garage and c) to pay respects and a fond farewell to David Bowie. I thank you. To Chad and Carissa of CCD, thank you for taking care of my girl. And speaking of which, to my #1 fan, my beautiful wife, The BCPF who was a trooper and a half. I very much thank you the most. You see, Dear Reader, she was up at 2am on Friday morning to go to work observing a delivery route for Krispy Kreme, with only about an hour’s nap, hung in all night long to support me, as she always does, spanning her waking moments almost an entire twenty-four hours. For this, and everything else she does and is, I love her with all my heart and there aren’t enough letters to make enough words the breadth and scope of that love. I’m a lucky fella.

Keep an eye out for the next VSS show, in March. It will be Radiohead featuring Mr. Patrick Ferguson doing the vocals for the entire OK Computer album. I’ll be doing a little ditty myself. And, with that, as Doug Davis’ parting words came upon the last notes of “Rock and Roll Suicide,” we all say: Goodnight, David.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Let the children lose it. Let the children use it. Let all the children boogie.” – “Starman” (Bowie)