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Since some question the use of “celebrity,” I offer you the latest “Notable Names” that have moved on to the Great Wherever in 2016 (since Jan 18):

Sheila Sim, Lady Attenborough, 93 (Actress)180px-Abe_Vigoda_1975
Lou Michaels, 80, American football player (Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Colts)
Lee Abramson, 45, American composer and musician
Derrick Todd Lee, 47, American convicted serial killer
Bill Johnson, 55, American alpine skier, Olympic champion (1984 games)
Archie Gouldie, 79, Canadian professional wrestler
Espectrito, 49, Mexican professional wrestler
Cadalack Ron, 34, American rapper
Clyde Mashore, 70, American baseball player
John Jay Hooker, 85, American politician
Jimmy Bain, 68, Scottish bassist (Rainbow, Dio)
Thornton Dial, 87, American artist
Monty Brinson, 58, American reality show “personality”
Black, 53, British singer-songwriter

And, the latest is really not a surprise since he had his own “death watch” website: Abe Vigoda Alive Dead. Actor Abe Vigoda moved on from here today. The site had to change his status today. I remember hearing about that site since the early 2000s after rumors of his death. Turns out he eluded that until today. So rest on, Phil Fish, Sal Tessio and Mr. Abe Vigoda.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel and may the passings slow…
Scorp out!

“I’ve always been content just to be working and making a modest living for my wife and child.” – Abe Vigoda