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One of my guilty pleasures has always been professional wrestling. It’s one of the few things that my thirteen year-old son still does with me. Tonight is the Royal Rumble, one of the “big four” of the WWE PPVs. The Big Four are traditionally big money events and one of the original four big-named events (the others are Summer Slam, Survivor Series and the daddy of them all, WrestleMania), by pro wrestling’s largest name. That PPV WUvaF2WKstarts at 8pm.

It’s also, by odd coincidence, NFL Championship Weekend. The AFC (Patriots/Broncos) game starts at 3:05p ET and the NFC game (Cardinals/Panthers)starts at 6:40p ET. The “odd coincidence” is that usually WWE schedules their PPVs when nothing of extreme importance is going on, like championship games, awards ceremonies, etc. So, this is a big one (PPV) and it’s some of the biggest NFL games (right behind the Super Bowl). But, Royal Rumble is always in January and the scheduling of every thing is lining up to be just plain, well… Odd. So, my dilemma is to figure what to do. The one that matters to me the most is the late game (I’m pulling for the Cardinals, by the way). I’m sure I’ll watch the game because I don’t pay for the PPV (it’s free with WWE Network) and I can start it at the beginning. I’m also pretty sure there will be no school tomorrow, so it’s okay if 3B stays up late. On that, we’ll see, but that’s what I am thinking.

Are you a football fan or a wrestling fan? If you’re both, what would you do? Just wondering…

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“My job is to protect the integrity of the NFL and to make sure the game is as safe as possible.” – Roger Goodell